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Photo of Peace and Joy - Color Choice  - T408-2

Peace and Joy - Color Choice
From $79.97 Save $8.00 $71.97 USD

Photo of America the Beautiful  - T163-2

America the Beautiful
From $67.00 Save $6.70 $60.30 USD

Photo of Opulent Orchid Plant - T98-2

Opulent Orchid Plant
From $79.97 Save $8.00 $71.97 USD

Photo of Be My Love Red Roses Vased  - T128-2

Be My Love Red Roses Vased
From $99.97 Save $10.00 $89.97 USD

Photo of Beautiful Dreams  - T209-1

Beautiful Dreams
From $89.97 Save $9.00 $80.97 USD

Photo of Hugs and Kisses Bouquet with Red Roses - T11Z100

Hugs and Kisses Bouquet with Red Roses
From $84.97 Save $8.50 $76.47 USD

Photo of Memories to Treasure - T226-2

Memories to Treasure
$197.00 Save $19.70 $177.30 USD

Photo of Beautiful in Blue  - T209-3

Beautiful in Blue
From $89.97 Save $9.00 $80.97 USD

Photo of With Distinction - T240-1

With Distinction
From $187.00 Save $18.70 $168.30 USD

Photo of Sacred Duty Spray - T240-2

Sacred Duty Spray
From $169.00 Save $16.90 $152.10 USD

Photo of Peaceful Floral Basket  - T228-1

Peaceful Floral Basket
From $110.00 Save $11.00 $99.00 USD

Photo of Reflections of Glory Wreath - T241-1

Reflections of Glory Wreath
From $277.00 Save $27.70 $249.30 USD

Photo of Peaceful Planter Garden  - S36-4227

Peaceful Planter Garden
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

Photo of Spathiphyllum  Peace Lily   - C28-4893
Size Varies

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily
From $59.97 Save $6.00 $53.97 USD

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 Customer Testimonial

The Smithsonian White Whispers Dendrobium Orchid bouquet you prepared for my sister-in-law's funeral last fall was so elegant and pure in it's simplicity, so perfect in presentation. I know she would have loved them! They graced my brother's foyer for some time afterward. Logistically speaking, changes to the order we made promptly and courteously, and the bouquet was delivered in plenty of time. I would definitely order through Brant Florist in future & feel very comfortable in recommending you to others. Many thanks.

— Diane S.

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