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Latex balloons go down quickly

Photo of flowers: Balloons Happy Birthday!

Your selection: BF2118d  - More balloons
Happy Birthday Fun!

Everybody loves helium balloons..........lots of colors and a fun gift. Suggest you order a large full size card below for your message to be hand written just as though you signed it yourself! Order balloons online now...........a gift that will make someone happy! Do not order for hospitals as latex balloons are not allowed in those institutions. Always order all mylar balloons for hospitals........catalog BF4564. The image on mylar balloons will vary. More money will send more balloons. We can send a bouquet of all mylars too. You may also attach balloons to flowers, a plant, or a gift basket. Balloons Happy Birthday! are always a fun selection for Helium Balloons

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 Sunday delivery available most larger cities including our own delivery area.

 If this exact product requested is not available you'll be upgraded to a better one that is available at the same price, using flowers, plants, containers, and gift items in stock or readily available from suppliers.

Using goods available on hand in stock, allows florists to make same day gift delivery and next day gift delivery for almost all orders. If the specific flowers, container, plants or gift items for your order are not in stock, then it will be necessary to substitute in order to complete same day or next day flower delivery. The florist may be able to order specific in season flowers or plants for your order from a wholesaler or grower which may take 3 to 7 business days. This only applies to orders where you have ordered early enough and allowed enough time. Special containers usually cannot be ordered in advance.

Florist Notes:  Suggest you order a box of chocolates or a stuffed animal/teddy bear as an addon below, and the balloons will be attached to that for a nice extra touch. (Normally a weight of some type is used)

Arrangement Details: 
As Shown design shown is 2 large 18" mylar balloons and 6 latex ballooons. You should note that latex does not hold helium for long and latex balloons go down quite quickly. Mylars hold up for a few days.

Price Levels / Product Sizes:

  • Standard - The floral arrangement is designed to look similar1 to the 'Standard' price level's product photo. The Standard size typically has fewer flowers as it is a more basic arrangement.
  • Deluxe - The floral arrangement is designed to look similar1 to the 'Deluxe' price level's product photo. The Deluxe size typically has an upgrade of more flowers and/or more expensive flowers added to the value of the arrangement.
  • Premium - The floral arrangement is designed to look similar1 to the 'Premium' price level's product photo. The Premium size typically has a substantial upgrade of more flowers and/or more expensive flowers added to the value of the arrangement.
  • Exquisite - The floral arrangement is designed to look similar1 to the 'Exquisite' price level's product photo. The best showing. This will be the most flowers (or other product) arranged to show a much enhanced presentation. It will usually be larger and or include more expensive unique flowers. But it will be very tasteful and not be ostentatious.

Specific differences between the product levels are shown in the note below the price info beside each product thumbnail. Learn more about product images and product price levels.

1 Because each arrangement is hand made by a floral designer it we can not to guarantee that it will look identical to the photo.

Note: Every designer in a flower shop uses an adding machine to make sure the contents, containers and labour add up to the full value of your order. Every order is filled to full value based on the pricing established by the flower shop manufacturing your order. The size, look, feel, contents and any container are determined only by the amount of money allowed on the order. These elements will always add up the order dollar value.

Product Availability:

If the exact flowers, colors, containers, plant or gift items, you have selected are not available in time for delivery date, our expert florists will hand create a beautiful gift for you using the best available materials on hand and in stock.

Gift Recipient:

You can supply the complete address and phone numbers for the gift recipient during the checkout process. A recipient cell number is often the best way to ensure the driver can actually reach the recipient and deliver properly and safely.


If applicable, you may add a Large Card, Mylar Balloons, Teddy Bears, Chocolates, Stuffed Animals, Glass Vase and Script Ribbon to this gift.

Daily Delivery Cut-off Times:

In general, orders received by 2:00 PM local delivery time week days of the recipient (earlier during peak holidays) can be delivered the same day in North America.
Saturday and Sunday orders should be in by 12 noon. Orders going to funeral homes always receive special delivery attention and every effort is made to be there for the visitation or service time.

Sunday Delivery:

Sunday delivery is available in most larger cities across Canada and the US, including our own local wide delivery area. Call or Email us for details or to be sure. Most international countries do not offer Sunday delivery, but again you may Call or Email us so we can look into it for you.

Customer Support Girl We can take your order by phone if you are not comfortable completing your order online. Or you may place your order online and choose to phone or fax in your credit card number. You can even email your order details.

Phone 877-545-5535 (USA and Canada)
A small service charge of $9.95 may apply to each phone order.

International Callers Phone:
001-905-634-2658 (outside USA and Canada)

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