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Photo of Easter Lily Multiple Plants - B26-4429

Easter Lily Multiple Plants
  From $59.97 USD

Photo of Joyful Journeys Phalaenopsis Orchid - PO18

Joyful Journeys Phalaenopsis Orchid
$79.97 Save $8.00 $71.97 USD

Photo of Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Color Choice   - TF141-2

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Color Choice
From $79.97 Save $8.00 $71.97 USD

Photo of Hydrangea Plant - Blue or Pink - T89-2

Hydrangea Plant - Blue or Pink
  From $49.97 USD

Photo of Pink Hydrangea Plant - C24-4878

Pink Hydrangea Plant
  From $49.97 USD

Photo of White Hydrangea Planter - S5-4445

White Hydrangea Planter
  From $59.97 USD

Photo of Blue Hydrangea Plant - C27-4879

Blue Hydrangea Plant
  From $49.97 USD

Photo of White Kalanchoe by FTD - S7-4976

White Kalanchoe by FTD
  From $49.97 USD

Photo of Kalanchoe Plant - C23-4884

Kalanchoe Plant
  From $49.99 USD

Photo of Bountiful Kalanchoe - T91-2

Bountiful Kalanchoe
  From $52.97 USD

Photo of Blooming Planter Basket - P931

Blooming Planter Basket
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

Photo of French Planter Garden - C23-4886

French Planter Garden
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

Photo of Mixed Plants with White - C33-2960

Mixed Plants with White
From $79.97 Save $8.00 $71.97 USD

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Easter Flower Selections

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Hey, wanted to say thank you. I ordered at right around 5 pm and you were still able to accommodate my request to have the flowers delivered before noon. I asked for 12 roses, with 8 white and 4 red and you accommodated that as well. My girlfriend was in tears when the flower person delivered them. She also said that the roses were very high quality and lovely. I ordered the box of 12 roses. Thank you very much. Your website was easy to use, price fair, and I liked that your delivery cost was included. I will definitely be using Brant Florists again to send flowers to my girlfriend in Michigan.

— Jeremy

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