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You may choose from a variety of live Easter Plants: hydrangea, azalea, lily, orchids. Easter lily plants with their white trumpet shaped fragrant flowers are a favourite at Easter. Mixed planters come in bowls, baskets and a variety of containers. All are decorated for spring and Easter. Spring bulb planters are also popular with tulip, hyacinth ad daffodil bulbs ready to open and bloom. Hyacinths are very fragrant and the pleasant scent of spring is refreshing.

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Photo of flowers: White Lily Plant

White Lily Plant


from $39.97 USD
Photo of flowers: Orchid Planter XL

Orchid Planter XL


from $130.00 USD
Photo of flowers: Anthurium Planter  Tall

Anthurium Planter Tall


from $120.00 USD
Photo of flowers: Teleflora's Artistic Angles Bouquet

Teleflora's Artistic Angles Bouquet


from $120.00 USD
Photo of flowers: Regal Orchid Planter

Regal Orchid Planter


from $175.00 USD

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