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Customer Care - Help Guide

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Contact Us
Shop Hours
100% Guarantee
Gift Reminder Service
The Pricing of Your Selection
Delivery Destinations
Delivery Dates in Future
Message Guidelines
Delivery Guidelines
Funeral Orders
Delivery Special Instructions
Delivery Address
Recipient Phone Number
Delivery Options
Delivery Special Instructions
Special Instructions
Product Substitution Options
International Deliveries
Applicable Taxes

 Contact Us Top

Email Us:
Our email address is gifts@brantflorist.com

Call Us:
1-877-545-5535 (Toll-free voice in the U.S. and Canada)

1-800-803-8001 (Toll-free fax in the U.S. and Canada)

905-639-7001 (Outside the U.S. and Canada)

905-639-7001 (Local Phone)

905-639-1940 (Local Fax )

Write Us:

Bolt Family Florist Ltd.
(Operating as Brant Florist)
2010 Maria St.
Burlington, ON L7N 3P7
Phone: 877-545-5535
Email: gifts@brantflorist.com
Bolt Family Florist US Inc.
(Operating as USA Fresh Flowers)
702 West St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: 800-USA-1935
Email: gifts@USA-fresh-flowers.com

 Shop Hours of Business Top

Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm EST
Sat 8am to 5pm EST
Sun 10am to 12 noon EST

After hours phone service is provided by an experienced floral call center that services many real flower shops across US and Canada.

 100% Guarantee Top

Every order is fully guaranteed. We ask that you advise us immediately as soon as any problem is encountered.

You are required to take reasonable care of fresh perishable products like flowers. High heat, sun and cold will have a very strong negative impact on the life of the gift.

Fresh flowers and plants should never be placed on top of heat sources like televisions, in hot sunny windows or near cold drafty spots such as doors or open windows.

Floral containers should always be kept full of fresh clean water. Fresh flowers can be expected to last 5 to 7 days if kept cool and containers are full of water. Stems should always be given a fresh cut just before being place in a vase of warm water with preservative (applies to roses and cut bouquets) Flowers delivered out of water shall be recur and placed in water the same day. These flowers will not be satisfactory if left out of water overnight and as such cannot be guaranteed.

Plants and fresh flower containers should never be placed directly on a surface that may be damaged by water especially wood, metal, paper or cloth. Always place a plate or saucer under the item. No florist will be responsible for any damage that may occur by placing flowers on plants on such surfaces.

Flowers and plants should not be eaten. Please take care to see that children and pets do not consume these items.

This guarantee shall be limited to the replacement value not to exceed the original product order amount not including delivery or service charges. The guarantee is not available if the problem is not reported immediately and no later than 5 days from the date of delivery.

 Gift Reminder Service Top

Never forget an important date again. The Brant Florist Gift Reminder Service will send you e-mail reminders for the important occasions and holidays that you choose.

 The Pricing of Your Selection Top

Every designer in a flower shop uses an adding machine to make sure the contents, containers and labour add up to the full value of your order. Every order is filled to full value based on the pricing established by the flower shop manufacturing your order. The size, look, feel, contents and any container are determined only by the amount of money allowed on the order. These elements will always add up the order dollar value. Most of our selections offer the following pricing levels:

Floral Arrangements:
We modify the original arrangement, as shown in the picture, by adding or removing the same types of flowers to the arrangement. We provide you with four choices for ordering Floral Arrangements:

  • Smaller - Your order will be made to look similar to the product photo but will contain a few less flowers, fillers and greens. This is very easy for the floral designer to accomplish! The design will not be quite as full but will still be attractive. Lower priced roses will simply be a little shorter stems...often most people cut the stems off anyways. There could be less greens and fillers also.
    The set work for funerals such as sprays, crosses, wreaths and hearts will be smaller.
  • Similar - The floral arrangement is designed to look similar to the product photo.
  • Deluxe - The floral arrangement is designed to look similar to the product photo, with an upgrade of either more flowers or more expensive flowers added to the value of the arrangement.
  • Premium - The floral arrangement is designed to look similar to the product photo, with a significant upgrade of either more flowers or more expensive flowers added to the value of the arrangement.

We modify the original arrangement, as shown in the picture, by adding more of the same types of plants to the arrangement and/or selecting a larger or smaller planter for the arrangement. We provide you with four choices for ordering Plants:

  • Smaller - The Plant and Planter will be smaller than as shown in the product photo.
  • Similar - The Plant and Planter will be a similar size as the one shown in the product photo.
  • Deluxe - The Plant and Planter will be larger than what is shown in the product photo or will be in a more decorative container and will reflect the additional value.
  • Premium - The Plant and Planter will be significantly larger than what is shown in the product photo or will be in a more decorative container and will reflect the additional value.

Fruit/Gourmet/Gift Baskets:
We modify the Fruit Basket, Gourmet Basket and/or Gift Basket, as shown in the picture, by changing the size of the basket and/or altering the contents of basket to reflect the value or the basket. We provide you with four choices for ordering Gift/Fruit/Gourmet Baskets:

  • Smaller - The Basket will contain a little less than the one shown in the product photo.
  • Similar - The Basket will be similar to the one shown in the product photo.
  • Deluxe - The Basket will be larger than what is shown in the product photo or will contain more items to reflect the additional value.
  • Premium - The Basket will be significantly larger than what is shown in the product photo or will contain more items to reflect the additional value.

 Delivery Destinations Top

Brant Florist can send your gift/arrangement almost anywhere in the world through the FTD®, Teleflora® and Interflora® networks.

This Website curently supports delivery to over 70 major countries around the world!

While Brant Florist can fulfil orders for the countries listed above, it is important to note that this Web Site requires that you identify the destination country of your gift recipient prior to consumating a purchase on-line. The result is that prior to adding items to your Shopping Basket, you will have selected your destination country.

By selecting your destination country, you have enabled this Web Site to personalize our Catalogue for your selected shipping destination, showing available products, pricing, and delivery restrictions. In essence you have pre-determined the "Destination Country" for your order.
Therefore, upon checkout, you will not be prompted to select the "Country" for the recipient of your gift order.

If you find that you are shopping in the wrong country, then simply click on the "Destinations" button or one of the "Other Destinations" Flags located at the top of each page.
NOTE: Your Shopping Basket will be emptied each time you switch destination countries ("Delivery Destinations").

 Delivery Dates in Future Top

We accept orders for delivery dates in the future. Up to 1 year in advance! This means that you can place your order today for delivery on that special day. For example you could place an order today for delivery next Valentines Day or Mother's Day.
However is is important to remember that flower prices vary by season by country.
There are certain "High Seasons" for some flowers during certain times of the year. For example during the Valentines season (Feb 5 -23), Roses are more expensive. So therefore, if you order roses today (assuming you are not currently within the Valentines season) for delivery on a date that falls within the "Valentines Day" season, the price shown on our Web Site catalogue will not be representative of the actual price on the day of delivery (Valentines Day). However, during the checkout process, once you have selected your delivery date, the correct price will be shown on the order confirmation page, and you will have an opportunity to review the price prior to submission of your order.

 Message Guidelines Top

This field contains the message to appear on the card which accompanies your order.
The message size is limited to a maximum of 9 lines of 34 characters (306 characters total length). Please be sure to include the occasion if you wish it emphasized in your selection. Please sign your name to the card, so the recipient knows who the thoughtful person was who has sent this wonderful gift. From years of experience we know that unsigned cards cause great concern at the receiving end, and the recipient always phones to find out who sent the flowers.

Long Gift Messages can be accomodated.
If your Gift Message is longer than 306 characters (9 lines of 34 characters) you can Fax it or Email it to us and we will see that it is included with your Gift.
Please refer to our Contact Info section for our fax number and Email address.

 Delivery Guidelines Top

It is important to remember that most floral gifts have to be made to order, and then scheduled for delivery either with floral couriers or one of the shop’s own vehicles. However, floral shops do handle many rush orders every day and you can help to ensure delivery success by providing complete addresses with a contact phone number plus whatever other information may be helpful.

In general, orders received by 2pm local delivery time can be delivered the same day in North America. This time limit can often be extended except in traffic heavy downtowns or to rural addresses. Orders going to funeral homes always receive special delivery attention and every effort is made to be there for the visitation or service time.

We will accommodate requests for morning or afternoon delivery subject to availability of delivery service. In many cases, achieving a morning delivery will require that the order be placed by 5pm the previous day. Late deliveries may be requested such as after 5pm to allow the recipient to be at home.

Funeral home deliveries always receive priority service. Hospital deliveries are also scheduled to allow for inside delivery to the actual rooms. Business deliveries are scheduled before the normal 5pm closing time of most businesses.

Every effort is made to accommodate your delivery request. If it is not possible or not likely possible you will be informed by phone or email. However, traffic and weather are just two of the challenges faced by anyone doing deliveries.

The floral industry in general will always attempt to leave the delivery with a neighbor should the recipient not be at home. Many deliveries are time sensitive E.g. for a birthday. It is often unwise to leave a perishable floral gift on the doorstep due to the local temperature…..below freezing in winter zones or above wilting in high temperature locales. The gift may also wind up in the wrong hands.

It is best if you indicate your delivery preferences. For example, what should be done if no one is home?
The floral shop cannot afford to attempt actual delivery 2 or 3 times.
You may request that the recipient be phoned first to schedule delivery...this often results in next day delivery as the recipient may not be there to accept the phone call. Please refer to the Delivery Instructions section.

Many hospitals, hotels, schools and commercial buildings now have full security systems. It is often possible to only make the delivery to the designated room or reception desk. The florist cannot be responsible for delivery beyond this point.

If there are possible serious problems expected with delivery of your order, it is best to discuss the alternatives with one of out representatives. However, many gifts are intended to be a surprise and you may not know about possible problems.
Two examples of common delivery problems.
The driver arrives at a business with a gift and finds the recipient is not even at work that day!
Another is the driver arrives at a home and the neighbor states the recipients are away on two weeks vacation!
Common sense can easily avoid most delivery problems.

Sunday delivery is not available in many areas of North America. We will always ask for Sunday delivery but if it is not available, your order will be delivered Saturday. Orders received too late for Saturday delivery will go out the following Monday.
We will attempt to inform you by email if your order presents a Sunday delivery problem. You may inquire ahead of time by email or phone to determine if Sunday delivery can be completed.
Some florists will deliver funeral orders only on a Sunday. There are times such as Mother's Day Sunday when delivery is more widely available.
Sunday delivery is never available in countries outside of The US and Canada.

 Funeral Orders Top

If your gift is going to a funeral home, please address it as follows:
"The Late Mr. William Smith"
"Green Funeral Home"
Please include first name in case there are two people with same last name.

This is achieved by using the First Name, Last Name and the Name of Business or Location fields as shown below:
FirstName="The Late Mr."
LastName="William Smith"
BusinessName="Green Funeral Home"

Under no circumstances should you address the order to a friend or family member of the deceased. If you do, most funeral homes will refuse the delivery, as they do not have time to go thru family files to find out the names of the deceased's relatives.

 Delivery Special Instructions Top

You can use this field to provide more details and preference pertaining to the delivery of your gift. These are usually special instructions for the delivery person to consider when delivering your gift.
The following are typical examples of Delivery Instructions:
Please deliver in the morning before 11:00am
Deliver after after 4:00pm.
Deliver to Back Door.
Knock hard, the Door Bell does not work.

For further information please refer to the Delivery Guidelines section.

 Delivery Address Top

A delivery address is recommended, but not always required.
In certain situations, such as delivery to a Hospital or Funeral Home, the Florist doesn't usually require the address. Most Florists are well aware of the address of all Hospitals and Funeral Homes within their service area.
The Florist will always check with the Funeral Home or Hospital before attempting delivery of your gift.

However, when the delivery destination is a business or personal residence the Delivery Address is always required. Or we can/will phone to determine the correct address.

The Florist will call you prior to attempting delivery of your gift if they are unable to find the address or locate the recipient.

 Recipient's Phone Number Top

The Recipient's Phone Number is now considered as essential on all orders.
However, in certain situations, such as delivery to a Hospital or Funeral Home, the Florist doesn't usually require the Recipient's Phone Number as the local florist is familiar with deliveries to these locations. Most florists now first verify the delivery address is correct and phone to be sure there will be someone there to accept the delivery.

One such example where the Recipient's Phone Number is critical is in the case of a delivery to a gated community. In such cases the guard will not let the driver enter the premises and will not allow the delivery to be left at the guard station. In this situation it is impossible to complete the delivery!

 Delivery Options Top

In order to ensure that your recipient receives your gift please provide us with some guidance on how you would like us to handle the delivery if we cannot reach the recipient.
Your options are as follows:
1. Leave with neighbor (the default choice)
2. Leave on doorstep (not recommended)
3. Return delivery to shop (phone to arrange this)
4. Phone recipient first to verify they are available to receive the gift prior to attempting delivery

Please specify your preference in the "Delivery Instructions" field
For further information please refer to the Delivery Guidelines section.

 Special Instructions Top

The Special Instructions field is used to specify any special instructions for the florist to consider when preparing your order.
We ask that you advise us of any preferred colours/flowers and more importantly colours/flowers to be avoided.

For Example...
"Mom doesn't like Carnations. Please do not include Carnations in the arrangement."
"Please choose mostly red's and yellow's."

 Product Substitution Options Top

Substitutions may be required to ensure your gift is delivered as required in a timely manner. The designer will ensure that your gift is as similar as possible to the selected item. Many flowers, plants and fruits are seasonal which affects the availability and price. There are literally thousands of varieties, colors, and types. It is impossible for all to be available at any one time. However, there are many that are normally stocked in most markets and these will be used to design your gift. Each order is hand made and will always be made to the full value of your order. Timely delivery is always the governing criteria.

Flowers -In designs of assorted flowers, the colors shown in the on line image will be used if at all possible. This may mean substituting flowers of equal or greater value. Color will be the base line, not the specific variety of flower. For selections that use only one type of flower such as roses, the flower type will be maintained but another color will be substituted if the requested first choice color is not available. It is always wise to specify a second color choice and even a third at busy times like Valentines. Floral containers shown in the on line images are not always available in all markets. If this should be the case, a similar container of equal or greater value may be used on your order.

Plants -For green and blooming plants, similar plants may be substituted of equal or greater value if the requested variety is not available. For one of a kind plants such as orchids, it may be necessary to substitute the color. Mixed planters will contain a similar mixture of plants that are locally available on the day of delivery. Plant containers may not be exactly as shown.

Fruit and Gourmet Baskets -The on line images are for illustration only. The fruit and gourmet items used will those available in the local destination area at the time of delivery.

 International Deliveries Top

Normally same day delivery is often available for countries in the same time zone ie South America and the Caribbean. Orders need to be received by 9am EST.

Next day delivery is available to most other countries in the balance of the world. This normally includes major cities and towns.

Delivery may take 2 or even 3 days if the area is remote and not served directly by floral members in any country.

Orders need to be received by 5pm EST for next day delivery for orders to be delivered Tuesday to Saturday.

For Monday delivery, the order needs to be received by 12 noon on Saturday.

Sunday delivery is not available to international destinations.

It is always best to place your order 2 to 3 days in advance of the required delivery date.

However, this is often not possible and next day or same day delivery can be arranged subject to the above guidelines.

We will always strive to meet your requirements. You would be advised by email or phone should we believe your delivery needs are difficult or impossible.

 Applicable Taxes Top

Canadian Deliveries - Orders for delivery in the province of Ontario are subject to Provincial Sales Taxes "PST" (Tax1)[8%].
All orders delivered in Canada (any province) are subject to the Federal Goods & Services "GST" (Tax2)[6%] or Harmonized Sales Tax "HST" (Tax2)[14%] on the products and service charge (if applicable)

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