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Care and Handling of Fresh Cut Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Care of Your Fresh Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Fresh Cut flowers have different life spans. Alstromeria, Daisies and Carnations, for example, can remain vibrant for longer periods. Roses have a shorter life, but are prized for their special and delicate beauty. Here are some tips that will allow you to enjoy your fresh flowers longer.

-Vases and arrangements should not be never on electrical appliances such as televisions and stereos this can dry them out. Your flowers will last longer in areas that are moderate in humidity.

-Use the floral food provided with your fresh flowers. Please read direction on package for amounts. The floral food will also help ward off bacteria. Keeping flowers fed and reducing bacteria will help your floral arrangements last longer.

-Keep away from heat or extreme cold (65-72 degrees Fahrenheit), Keep away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents and direct drafts from ceiling fans. Heat will shorten the life of any fresh flowers- keeping them in moderate temperatures helps your floral arrangement last longer.

-Water should be added to baskets and containers daily. Use warm water. Warm water has less oxygen in it and will lessen chances of air bubble being trapped in stem. Giving your fresh flowers clean water regularly will keep them lasting much longer.

-Vase water should be added to daily and changed often with stems being re-cut to increase longevity. You flowers need a constant supply of fresh, clean water. Giving them fresh water keeps floral arrangements lasting longer.

-If water becomes cloudy, replace it entirely. If possible, recut them by removing one to two inches. Remove leaves that are are below the waterline. Rotting leaves will contaminate water and also shorten life. Clean water is essential- keep the water clean and you will enjoy your fresh flowers longer!

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