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symbolic meaning of flowers

The Symbolic Meaning of Flowers in World Culture

"symbolic meaning of flowers" - Most flowers have a symbolic meaning, often one with a history of use that stretches back over the years. Various cultures around the world have employed flowers and blossoms for different uses in their societies including religious rituals, wedding ceremonies, and simple decorations.

Many people choose to give specific types of flowers to a loved one, friend, or associate in hopes of conveying a specific message to them. For example, someone might present their lover with a bouquet of red roses, which have long been symbolic of romance and passion, to remind their partner of their feelings for them.

A white lily is symbolic of purity and sweetness, and is often associated with children or young women. This meaning is likely associated with the fact that white is often used to present the idea of virginity and innocence, especially in the form of flowers. Daisies are another example of such symbolic flowers which carry with them a pure and innocent meaning.

The iris is symbolic of wisdom, but is not limited to that specific meaning. Yellow irises, for example, symbolize passion, whereas blue are symbolic of hope and faith. In addition to the above flowers, a white iris also carries the meaning of purity with it.

Violets, popular flowers among the ancient Greeks for its aphrodisiac qualities, carry a meaning with them that does not seem linked to their historical use. Violets in general are symbolic of modesty or faithfulness, but also have other meanings as well. A purple violet can be a symbol for love, and a yellow one can be used to display nationalism.

There are a few flowers that are named after their meaning. For example, forget-me-nots are symbolic of remembrance and memories and the weeping willow flower is symbolic of mourning.

The symbolism of flowers extends to many aspects of our lives today. Weddings, for example, will utilize a specific flower to demonstrate purity and another for love. Each flower is used appropriately for its individual meaning. As another example, consider the types of blooms used for a funeral. They are often chosen because they are symbolic of peace or rest, or of a similar other meaning.

If you have any questions or are curious about the meaning behind different types of flowers, consult with a professional florist. Not only will they be happy to assist, but they’ll be able to help you make the appropriate choices depending on your needs.

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