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Photo of flowers: White Poinsettia in Basket

White Poinsettia in Basket
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Photo of flowers: White Poinsettia Basket (Small)

White Poinsettia Basket (Small)
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Photo of flowers: White Poinsettia Basket

White Poinsettia Basket
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Photo of flowers: Pink Poinsettia

Pink Poinsettia
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White Poinsettias

The white poinsettia has become a Christmas favourite. In fact, the white poinsettia plant has become a symbol for Christmas the world over. These Christmas flowers make your home beautiful. Decorating your home for the Christmas holidays with large Christmas flowers poinsettias plant has become a family tradition.

Elegant White Poinsettias Delivery U.S., Canada, UK, International

White poinsetta plants or Christmas poinsettias can last weeks beyond the holidays when placed in indirect sunlight for at least six hours a day. Keep your poinsettias for Christmas away from cold drafts and extreme heat, and water your white poinsettia when it feels dry. After the blooming season is finished, use an all-purpose fertilizer once a month for best results. Place Brant Florist's quick White Poinsettia delivery to your friend's or family's home - they'll absolutely love it!

History of the Poinsettia - Discovered in the early 1800’s the poinsettia plant is named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, who imported it from Mexico in 1828.
The legend of the poinsettia tells of a poor village child in Mexico who wanted to give a gift at Church but had no money. In desperation, they picked some weeds on their way to leave as their gift. The story tells that the child asked God to help them and God answered by turning the weeds into a beautiful star-shaped flower with bright coloured leaves. The large poinsettia has been a symbol of belief ever since.

It was once believed poinsettias were poisonous, this is a misconception - although not edible, the milky susbstance within is a form of latex and should not be ingested. Scientific evidence of the poinsettia's safety is well documented, and all poinsettias are actually helpful in removing pollutants from indoor air.

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