Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus plants are beautiful houseplants that blossom during the Christmas season if cared for properly. In order for the Christmas cactus to blossom, is has to be root bound in the pot. If you replant the Christmas cactus into a bigger planter, you may very well upset the roots, which causes it to stop blooming until the roots become bound again.

The Christmas cactus house plant has many different blossom colors. In order for the Christmas cactus to thrive and bloom, it needs the ideal temperature and lighting. Generally the Christmas cactus likes indirect light however, during the winter months leading up to Christmas, the cactus needs warm bright sunlight. If the temperatures get too warm the cactus will lose their buds. The Christmas cactus house plant has growing spurts during the warmer months starting in April and usually ending in September.

The Christmas cactus plant is a beautiful plant as when it blooms it gives an array of colors. The blooms are found at the tips of the leaves and will last for a few months if properly cared for with the proper light and water as well as temperature and fertilizer.

The Christmas cactus house plant is a beautiful gift that cared for properly will provide a great deal of visual beauty through the Christmas season.

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