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Photo of Winter Elegance Bouquet  - B2-4111

Winter Elegance Bouquet
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

Photo of Joyful Gesture Bouquet Mums and Carnations  - TWR10-2

Joyful Gesture Bouquet Mums and Carnations
From $59.97 Save $6.00 $53.97 USD

Photo of Let It Snow - T128-1

Let It Snow
From $64.97 Save $6.50 $58.47 USD

Photo of Merry & Bright  - T125-1

Merry & Bright
From $99.97 Save $10.00 $89.97 USD

Photo of Make Merry  - TWR04-1

Make Merry
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

Photo of Spirit of the Season - B12-4353

Spirit of the Season
From $110.00 Save $11.00 $99.00 USD

Photo of Candy Cane Christmas TF - T118-3

Candy Cane Christmas TF
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

Photo of Large Christmas Bouquet Hand-tied - 500202

Large Christmas Bouquet Hand-tied
From $99.97 Save $10.00 $89.97 USD

Photo of The FTD Holiday Happiness Bouquet - B10-4355

The FTD Holiday Happiness Bouquet
From $74.97 Save $7.50 $67.47 USD

Photo of Happy Holidays Centerpiece - TF86-2

Happy Holidays Centerpiece
From $89.97 Save $9.00 $80.97 USD

Photo of Crimson Glow Christmas Centerpiece - B8-3430

Crimson Glow Christmas Centerpiece
From $74.97 Save $7.50 $67.47 USD

Photo of Christmas Perfect Flowers - 500198

Christmas Perfect Flowers
From $79.97 Save $8.00 $71.97 USD

Photo of Be My Love Red Roses Vased  - T128-2

Be My Love Red Roses Vased
From $99.97 Save $10.00 $89.97 USD

Photo of Holiday Spice Berries Spice Cinnamon Pine Cones - T120-1

Holiday Spice Berries Spice Cinnamon Pine Cones
From $79.97 Save $8.00 $71.97 USD

Photo of Red and White Carnation Basket  - CUSTOM

Red and White Carnation Basket
From $79.97 Save $8.00 $71.97 USD

Photo of The FTD Candy Cane Lane Basket - B14-4426

The FTD Candy Cane Lane Basket
From $64.97 Save $6.50 $58.47 USD

Photo of Season's Glow Centerpiece - B16-4830

Season's Glow Centerpiece
From $99.97 Save $10.00 $89.97 USD

Photo of Holiday Romance Bouquet - B10-4425

Holiday Romance Bouquet
From $110.00 Save $11.00 $99.00 USD

Photo of Christmas Roses  - T115-2

Christmas Roses
From $89.97 Save $9.00 $80.97 USD

Photo of Thoughtful Lily Bouquet in Cube Vase - B2-4100

Thoughtful Lily Bouquet in Cube Vase
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

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Brant Florist is an FTD Florist, Teleflora Florist and an Interflora Florist. Being a Real Florist, and therefore better than the average online florist, Brant Florist lets you order online and send flowers anywhere in north America or internationally with the greatest of ease. If you need flowers delivered you can count on Brant Florist to come through for you.

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Christmas Flower Selections

Christmas Flowers

Christmas flowers bring in to your home the soft gentle fragrance of the season’s many different varieties. Each Christmas flower has its own story to tell, from the Mexican origins of the Poinsettia, to the European history of Ivy and mistletoe. Christmas is a special time and Christmas flowers simply make the season even more memorable.

Holly is said to bring luck, mistletoe love and good fortune, the poinsettia is said to represent belief and the yule log (not strictly a flower by any stretch of the imagination) was supposed to ward off evil spirits. Some Christmas flowers last longer than others, and choosing them for beauty or longevity (or both) requires some knowledge, and the ability to care properly for them during the holiday season. Just as us. Poinsettia plants can last weeks past Christmas when cared for correctly, of course, cut Christmas flowers they will likely only last a week or so with proper care.

Christmas Flowers Delivery

Remember, at Christmas the air is usually much drier and Christmas flowers may need more water than normal. Be sure to arrange your flower delivery a couple of days before your event to ensure a beautiful Christmas flower arrangement when your guests arrive.

If you have questions about the best Christmas flowers to select, or you wonder how best to care for your Christmas flowers, you can chat with a floral expert just call 1-877-545-5535.

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