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Flower of the Month July

Not only is every month represented by birthstones but also flowers. For July, the flower is Larkspur. This flower has a very tall stem with blooms that run the length of it. There are a variety of colours Mother Nature has created which include pink, which means fickleness, white, which expresses a happy nature & purple represents new love.

Delphinium Larkspur

Delphinium Larkspur

Whether you have grown them in your garden or purchased them from the local flower shop the best way to showcase their beauty is to display them in a tall vase that is sturdy as these flowers are top heavy. To keep your vase from toppling over, at the bottom, you could place some river rock, stones, glass beads….anything that will weigh the vase down.

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase - BF4189

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase – BF4189

Also be sure to clean any greenery off the stems that will be in the water as this will cause bacteria in the water and your flowers will not appreciate that.

Have a great summer and bring some of the beautiful blooms from the outside, in!

How to incorporate flowers into the home this summer

When you are planning your interior décor scheme, one of the loveliest ways to brighten your home’s rooms is by incorporating flowers to give that extra bright touch to your spaces.

Floral decorations are not necessarily everyone’s taste but you can bring lots of vibrant color to your rooms by choosing carefully. For example, if your home is fairly minimalist in terms of its furnishings and fittings, you probably only need a few splashes of color to draw the eye. If you love all things floral, then you’ll be looking to add more than a splash and there are plenty of ways you can do this.

Coordinate your color scheme: Summer is the perfect time for bringing flowers into the home. Winter has been banished for another season, spring flowers have made their delightful appearances to signal the earth is warming up and the growing season is here, and now you have plenty of opportunities to bring the warmth of summer into your home.
The best way to start is to look at your rooms and what furniture and fittings you have, with a view to giving everything a makeover. A large space will easily take bold floral designs for re-covering sofas and chairs, matching the designs on drapes and scatter cushions.

As an alternative to drapes, you could look into installing wooden shutters. There is a huge range of shutters available, and if your windows are different shapes and sizes then you can get them made to measure. Shutters are ideal to help you control the amount of light that comes into rooms, and you can easily incorporate the flower theme by stenciling or simply painting some pretty flower pictures onto them.
Floor coverings and tableware: An attractive rug with flower motifs can instantly brighten up a room, so look out for ones that will match whatever you have decided to do with your floral theme. When looking for tableware, search for mats that have colorful flowers on them, and add a tablecloth to match. For smaller rooms, seek out delicate painted tableware and wineglasses that are engraved with bunches of grapes.

Cut flowers: There’s no better way to bring flowers into your home than by having cut flowers scattered around surfaces, in vases or other receptacles. They add a real sense of freshness to rooms, and are perfect for experimenting with a range of shapes and colors. If you want to make a bold statement then dahlias are ideal, and irises are arguably one of the most beautiful types of flower to display in all their myriad of colors.

Roses are always a favorite as cut flowers – they’re not just for Valentine’s Day! – and their color variations will allow you to mix and match to your heart’s content. Tulips, carnations, you can please yourself when it comes to the range of choice for cut flowers.
Bright and fresh: Flowers make a real difference to your home, whether from your garden or your local florist, so you can bring out the brightness and freshness of your interior décor.

Summer and Flowers Go Together Like Sky and Stars

Summer is the best part of the year. Although it comes in different months in the two hemispheres, it always brings joy to the people and nice emotions.
It is true that it can get really hot in the summer, but what can compare with the great days, spent on the beach or by the pool, splashing in the water and sunbathing with friends and family. The trees are green and blossoming, many fruits start to appear and the flowers look better than ever.
Everyone has seen and traveled along fields full of any kinds of flowers, looking to the sun and showing perfect colors. Few things can beat this picture.
The most important thing to keep the summer flowers fresh and alive longer is to supply them with enough water and they will bring joy to your eyes every day.
Summer and Flowers Go Together Like Sky and Stars
Some interesting facts will be revealed about several of the most popular flowers of the summer in the paragraphs below, as the first plant to start with will be the chrysanthemum. It has spread across the world as it was brought from the northeastern parts of the European continent and some areas in Asia. Do not be confused if you see the word xants. It is an abbreviation, used for this flower from the florists, due to the fact that its full name is very long and very hard to be spelled. China was the first country to cultivate this flower. In the present days it has very wide range of use in several industries. First of all its regular form makes is great for ornaments and decorations. It has its place in the culinary as well, as in its home country China the yellow and white flowers are boiled to make very sweet drink. Chinese people often put it in soups as the flower gives special aroma to the dish, especially the snake soup.
Summer and Flowers Go Together Like Sky and Stars2
Another nice and famous summer flower is the gladiolus. It is one of the princesses of the floral world, not only for its shape and royal look. It usually blooms in August and if you have nothing else which will help you guess what time of the year it is, the gladiolus flowers will do that. Part of the family of the Iris, these plants are symbol of the strength and high moral as well as sincerity and generosity. The name of the flower originates from the Latin language and it can be simply translated as sword. In the old Roman times the gladioli nosegay made the gladiators very overwhelmed when they have received a bunch of this flower.
The gladiolus may be seen blooming in several colors, each of them very nice and special, perfect ornament for your garden. Coral, cream, yellow and pink are just some of them.
Summer and Flowers Go Together Like Sky and Stars3
Jasmine is another one of the summer flowers, which is probably the most loved in the world. It is unlikely to meet a person who have not heard about it or have not used some cosmetic products, that was not including the jasmine. The tea made of the flower is also very good and much used in some eastern countries like China. The jasmine syrup is very well known flavor in the culinary industry.
The sunflower is the most remarkable of the summer flowers. It is the biggest symbol of the light and every single flower shines like the sun itself. In the last decades it has become very popular as decoration flower, which it was not before, as it was only raw material for the oil production. The size of the flower can grow up to one meter of diameter.

Summer flowers are in season

Summer flowers

Summer flowers are now in season

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and I have an announcement to make … it’s very important so I’d ask that you stop everything and pay close attention.

Are you ready?

“Hooray, it’s Summer!”

I know, you probably think I’m being silly but honestly, summer is such a great season. Warmer weather, long warm nights, people out walking after work and the flowers …

Oh, the flowers. The scents and sights that fill our store. Once the last customer goes home and without the front door opening and closing every moment, the aroma of all the flowers builds to a heady high.

I often find myself working a little later than usual finishing up some emails and paperwork simply because the aroma is intoxicating 🙂

But I digress.

Here’s a list of early summer flowers on Wikipedia. Of course, not all of these flowers will be available in all stores but none the less this list gives you a great idea where to start.

Please enquire if you’d like us to make a custom summer bouquet arranged just for you – we can do it.

And remember, you can checkout all our newest Summer Flowers online.

Until next time …

Ken Bolt