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Why Do People Think Flower Gifts Are A Good Idea?

Flowers have been ideal gifts for each and every occasion. They represent simplicity, taste, elegance, and other qualities unlike other material gifts.

Top flowers for delivery:

A Bunch of fresh Tulips:
Almost everywhere, the tulips recognize as a sign of welcoming  Spring. A bright Tulip bouquet with hand-arranged assorted tulips, presented in a reusable, charming white colored pitcher, enhances the structural beauty of this much awaited season calling for celebrations.

Christmas Blooms:
This exceptional bouquet as a gift is heart touching. The gift is a colorful flower vase containing Christmas wishes balloon, something beyond imagination unlike the gifts they usually receive on Christmas. Make your beloved people enjoy with air-filled balloons and the pleasing collection of beautiful Christmas Blooms.

Sunrise Sunset Bouquet:
Take a short break from the mundane world and think of brighter days. To spread love and best wishes to a special one, do so with golden, warm flowers. These flowers will reach in a contemporary glass vase, orange in color. It adds to the beauty of the positive, sun-bright pretty bouquet which energizes on any occasion.

Spread Smiles and Bouquet:
Deck up halls with the velvety red roses along with the winter greens arranged in a gorgeous red colored bamboo cube. The red carnations and maroon miniature carnations have been accented with the tips of fir, holly, flats of cedar, white pine as well as other impressive, assorted greens.

All White Pure Arrangement:
Simply a luxurious arrangement is what this bouquet displays! A fantabulous white blend of lilies, roses, snapdragons and carnations are hand-arranged delicately in a similar silver elegant vase by expert florists. They suggest sending such a sophisticated gift on Christmas, Hanukkah or such other exclusive winter celebration.

Enchanted Cottage Bouquet:
This floral arrangement is enchanting like its name coming across hidden cottages in a countryside! The eye catching white roses teamed with handsome purple stock blends with the sweet lavender wax flowers and the greenery pita Nigeria to create an elegant garden look. Such a creative bouquet has been finished with a matching satin ribbon.

Spring Rhapsody:
With your floral rhapsody in yellows chants your get well sooner or have a nice day wishes. We are talking about the sunny bouquet. It is made of the favorite spring blooms like the bright yellow lilies, tulips, and accents of the sweet smelling Freesia flowers. It has been presented by expert florists in a top notch Couture Vase.

You Are The Best Bouquet: 
No matter how they have helped you move on, get through in a critical phrase or to make the one you love smile, or to tell someone that they’ll forever be the star in for you, present the You are the Best bouquet. This floral, festive, arrangement flaunts vibrant yellows in roses and in sunflowers complimented by touching blue delphinium. And the best among all, is it is set in the keepsake vase which will interpret your feelings appropriately.

A dozen of Pastel Roses:
A dozen of beautiful Pastel Roses can beautify any decor, uplift moods, catch attention and so on. The selection includes a dozen Pastel, Long Stem, fresh Roses (about 22 – 24 inches) which is accented with Baby’s Breath as well as with greenery. Colors might vary unlike that in the image. Might include combinations of pinkish white, creamy salmon, or lavender yellows and other such short hues of roses. Not to forget the rich quality message card available with it. Moreover floral preservatives with flower care information is also sent. These beauties will be undoubtedly elegant, wrapped in decorative sleeves and shall be hand packed in an equally appealing gift box.

Go for beautiful flowers delivery and make your close ones happier.

A funny dinner story

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and the holidays are a great time of year for some sort of family gathering. Take Christmas for instance, in our home it’s a time for children – of all ages!

It’s always a time when there are children running and yelling, adults trying to quiet them down to no avail, and old folks smirking at the memories of doing the same for those adults not too long ago.

One year, I don’t recall which exactly, we all came together as usual and were gathering in our living room sipping hot beverages and talking as people arrived, took of coats and hats, and generally made the walk around the room to say hello and give hugs. On this occasion one of the children, who was perhaps three or four, took it upon himself to be very manly about his introductions – shaking hands, formally calling us by Mr or Mrs, and so forth. It was quite amusing.

A few hours into the night, the meal served and eaten, and all of us still sitting at the table too content to stand up and leave the room just yet, the little guy stood on his chair and used his spoon to tink his plastic cup to get our attention. I guess he’d seen this in a movie and thought it was the way you got attention at a gathering such as this. He announced:

“Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends. Today I want to announce a happy occasion to all of you.” His exact words weren’t so well-elucidated, of course, but this was the gist. His announcement?

“I can now use the grownup’s potty. Mommy is quite proud!”

He said it deadpan, with a completely straight face, as if it were, in fact, an exceedingly important announcement. His mother gasped and stared, not sure what to do. I was having trouble processing this myself. Then a huge guffaw erupted and his father, standing and running to hug his son, let out a woop of laughter. That put the rest of us into the carpet too.

To this day, years later, we still bring up that story and laugh about it. I wanted to share it with you all.

Merry Christmas or if you prefer, Happy Holidays 🙂

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

Merry Christmas

It’s the Sweetest Day! – Saturday Oct. 19th

Here is a day that gives you an opportunity to recognize someone who is “sweet”. Whether it’s through a kind thoughtful word, deed or small gift, remind them that they’re appreciated and not forgotten.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~Mark Twain

Legend has it that Sweetest Day was established around 1922 by Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland, Ohio, candy company employee who wanted to bring happiness to the lives of those who often were forgotten. Him and others gave out candy and small gifts to orphans, sick people and others to let them know that someone cared.

A little recognition goes a long way.

These days the Sweetest Day is usually celebrated with loved ones and friends by giving them candy, flowers and small gifts. However, you are encouraged to follow the intent of the original holiday and find ways to recognize those in need.

Here are few popular ways to commemorate the Sweetest Day.

– Send them candy and a bouquet of fresh flowers
– Write them a note
– Treat them to a nice meal
– Help them tackle their to do list
– Show some affection
– Tell them something that will warm their heart

What are you planning to do for your “sweety” this year?

Brant Florist Serves Up Thanksgiving Flowers

Family Gathering Centerpiece

Family Gathering Centerpiece

Plans for an oven roasted turkey and all the delicious fixings are likely in place at your household as Thanksgiving is just days away, Monday October 8th this year. As you finalize your celebration needs, we have you covered when it comes to gorgeous, hand designed Thanksgiving flower arrangements, autumn centerpieces and bouquets.

Fabulous Fall Bouquet by FTD

Fabulous Fall Bouquet by FTD

When family and friends gather to enjoy your fabulous Thanksgiving feast, remember there is something extra special when you decide to add beautiful Thanksgiving flowers to the table. This season we are creating flower arrangements in all the glorious rich tones of fall.

Here Comes The Sun Flowers by Teleflora

Here Comes The Sun Flowers by Teleflora

Stunning shades of orange, vibrant yellow, deep crimson and plum are all striking choices for fall flower decorating. We are using roses, eye-catching sunflowers, gerbera daisies, lilies, pretty alstroemeria, pompom mums and more to create arrangements fit for any Thanksgiving table and as gifts for family, friends and work associates.


Floral Gourmet Basket

Floral Gourmet Basket

Thanksgiving gift baskets are super popular during this festive holiday. Our ‘flowers to keep and gifts to eat’ baskets are a great way to give a gift of flowers and tasty treats all in one. And if you will be a guest this Thanksgiving weekend may we suggest you have us deliver an arrangement in advance of arriving to dinner. This is sure to surprise and please the hostess! Or, pick up one of our fresh fall bouquet bunches or a hardy potted mum plant at the shop and bring the gift with you.

Ginger Spice Fall Roses Vased

Ginger Spice Fall Roses Vased

Whatever you may have in mind, call or drop into the shop to get a taste of what we’re serving up in Thanksgiving flowers this fall! As always, we offer same day delivery in Canada and the USA and next day delivery to most international destinations. And, only until October 6th we’re offering 20% off all website orders over $60.00 for delivery up to October 31st. Contact us for complete details.