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Baby it’s Cold Outside….Add Warmth to Your Home with Fresh Flowers!!

Teleflora's Be Happy Smile Mug Bouquet

Teleflora’s Be Happy Smile Mug Bouquet

Feeling cold and weary with this bone chilling winter weather? Perhaps your home is also looking a little glum since the holiday decorations and tree have been put to bed until next Christmas. No need to let the winter blues get you down though. We suggest a super simple pick-me-up…just add fresh flowers into your home!

Behavioral research has proven that the presence of flowers in the home increases happiness and enjoyment. Just think back to the last time someone gave you flowers or better yet, the last time you treated yourself to flowers. We bet a happy feeling warmed your heart at the sight of those lovely, cheery blooms. With the hum-drum of winter, now is a perfect time to lift spirits inside your home!

Brighten Your Day

Brighten Your Day

Simply add a burst of beautiful fresh flowers into any space of your home and watch the room come alive. Wake-up each morning to pretty blooms on your nightstand in the bedroom. Greet guests to a showy bouquet of gorgeous lilies on the entryway console. Add cheer to the family room with some free-spirited tulips. In a snap, fresh cut flowers can instantly add style, color and a feeling of happiness and well- being to any room of the house.

Also, if you feel like a dear friend could use a January pick-me-up too, consider sending him or her our best selling ‘Be Happy Smile Mug.’ It’s easy to help friends chase away the wintertime blahs by surprising them with an unexpected gift of gorgeous flowers!

Give Flowers and Make an Impression!

Six, Nine or Twelve Sun Flowers Gift Wrapped

Six, Nine or Twelve sunflowers gift wrapped with greens and bow.

My daughter loves being outdoors. While I’m making dinner she will often sneak into her Daddy’s home office and skilfully convince my husband to take her to the park or for a ‘short’ walk around the block. He’ll usually stops whatever he is doing to oblige her. Sometimes I get a little annoyed that dinner has to wait for them long enough to get cold but I know that these little impromptu outdoor adventures fill them both with so much joy. What’s also sweet is that upon their return, my daughter always bursts into to the house with a happy grin and an announcement that she has a gift for me.

Hand Tied Gift Wrap With Roses No Vase

Euro Style Bouquet With Roses.

With great excitement she demands that I close my eyes and then she shoves a handful of dandelions, hand picked flowers or leaves under my nose. Of course even though it happens time and time again, I’m always blown away by her thoughtfulness and I give her an enormous hug and kiss.

I feel good receiving my daughter’s sweet gift of flowers and I of course think that we’ve got the sweetest kid on the block. As it turns out, I’m not gloating. There is actual research to support the notion that flower givers make the best impression!!

FTD Precious Heart

The Precious Heart Bouquet by FTD is a blushing display of loving kindness.

A Rutgers University study sought out to determine how people perceive others based on the types of gifts they give. Guess what? Flower-givers rose to the top! The research revealed that the floral gift-giver is regarded as caring, trustworthy, loving, successful and valuing achievement and beauty in life. Flower- givers were also considered to be more likeable, friendly and emotionally intelligent.

We all know that receiving flowers makes us feel happy. And when I see the look of my daughter’s face, I also know that she feels pretty darn awesome giving me her flower gift! We adults could learn a little something from my daughter as well as from the files of scientific research…next time you need a gift for a special someone to celebrate an occasion or for no occasion at all, give fresh flowers. Research proves that flower-givers make a great impression! In fact, giving flowers makes everyone feel great!

How to Improve Focus and Concentration with Flowers

FTD Wondrous Nature Bouquet

View fresh flowers, plants and gifts now…

You’re here because you are seeking how to improve focus and concentration, and want a reliable and inexpensive suggestion.

We’re happy to provide this for you, since we feel that it’s important for everyone to be able to enjoy an improvement in their memory, learning abilities, and other mental faculties. After all, it’s a crucial part of improving oneself as a person. A combination of strong mind and body results in a perfect being, or at least as close to perfect as humanity can become. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the skillful use of flowers.

Decorating your home or workspace with a fresh bouquet or arrangement of your favourite flowers results in the creation of an environment that lends itself to helping you concentrate with great effectiveness. The calm and peaceful order that flowers generate results in an improvement for everyone around, and so has mass benefit in an office or educational setting. Of course, enjoying flowers in the privacy of your home office or study is beneficial as well, as their attractive presence will lend themselves nicely to any task you may be undertaking.

You Make Me Smile - BF4084

You Make Me Smile – BF4084

During one of the studies, both women and men demonstrated more innovative thinking, generating more ideas and original solutions to problems in the office environment that included flowers and plants.

It’s easy to ensure life-long happiness for yourself and other people through gifts of flowers, so don’t hesitate to look over the site! If you have any additional questions or comments about how to improve focus and concentration – we’d love to hear from you!