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Rose Hip Tea

Rose Hip Tea

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and if you’ve never had tea made from rose hips, you really should try it. Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world and, unbeknownst to most modern people, are also a great source of tasty treats. One of my favourites of those is rose hip tea.

Rose Hip Tea

Rose Hip Tea

Some of the best varieties for getting relatively sizeable hips from for tea making are Ethyl Rose, Lyda Rose, and Crimson Floorshow. There are several others too, of course, but these three have two things I like: they’re beautiful rose flowers in their own right and their hips often don’t match their blossom colours.

Ethyl Rose, for example, often blooms in white, pink, yellow and other colours, but the hips are nearly always bright, crimson red. They’re about the size of grapes too, making them a great tea source.

Lyda Rose is similar in that the blooms are usually white (the most fragrant) or pink-tipped. Other colours are possible too, of course, but the hips are nearly always a setting-sun orange hue. They’re lovely and they grow upright and nearly perfectly spherical. It’s easy to thin the plant, harvesting hips, while leaving plenty for decorative buds and blossoms later. In fact, it’s recommended if you’re a rose tender.

Crimson floorshow is also lovely for those same reasons. The blooms themselves give the plant its name, with these relatively small roses opening up in a bright purple-red display of crimson. The hips, however, are tightly-bunched little round knobs of bright orange with pinkish-green petals coming out one end. Very lovely and quite tasty.

Most who enjoy rose hip tea have tried Sweet Briar, of course, one of the oldest rose varieties. These are also bright red hips and the Ethyl Rose is a close variant of these long-standing favourites.


Until next time,
Ken Bolt


How Many Roses to Send for Valentine’s Day?

Thoughts of You Roses in Vase - BF6542

Thoughts of You Roses in Vase – BF6542

In the earlier post you’ve learned about the meaning of color in Valentine’s Day roses, and perhaps you’ve made your selection of the perfect Valentine’s Day roses that you’ll dazzle them with.
But like most of us you’re probably unsure about the number of roses to give them. You’ve probably heard people say that each number of roses has a meaning behind it to convey a message.

Valentine’s is in 14 days so we decided to do research on the topic and come up with a list explaining what each number of roses conveys:

1 – love at first sight
2 – mutual love and affection
3 – I love you
6 – I miss you
7 – I’m crazy about you
9 – we’ll be together forever
10 – your love is perfection
11 – you are my treasure
12 – please me mine
13 – friends forever
15 – forgive me, I’m sorry
20 – sincere feelings
21 – dedicated to you
24 – I’m yours
25 – congratulations!
26 – you complete me
33 – I love you with great affection
36 – head over heels in love
38 – every moment with you is treasure
40 – my love is genuine
50 – unconditional love
99 – I will love you forever
100 – you are my true love
101 – you are my one and only love
108 – mariage proposal
365 – I love you every day

Now that you know about the significance in number of roses given, you can put together a well crafted, perfect expression of your love. Talk to your favorite florist about your specific order needs and creative ideas in mind.
That extra touch can come from your own designed Valentine’s Day bouquet or arrangement of flowers, and they will absolutely love the artful you! Pick the right number.

And another clue order early to save money and avoid disappointment!
Order now for delivery by Feb 12th and save up to 15% sitewide
Beat the Valentines Seasonal Price Increases if you choose a delivery date prior to Feb 11th