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Some Do’s and Don’ts Related to Keeping Flowers Fresh For Long!!

One of the best gifts that one can ever receive from their loved ones is a fresh bouquet of the most gorgeous flowers they love. Fresh flowers not only bring joy, but also make you as happy as fresh flowers. Furthermore, wonderful blooms can light up the atmosphere of your home.

Photo of Flowers

These days, flower delivery is quite common considering that there is a lot of florist in London, delivering flowers in London and to neighbouring areas. One can also find a number of online flower shops offering amazing and fresh flowers receiving which you’ll brighten up your day and keep smiling.

If you happen to receive flowers flowed through shops that deliver flowers, how you can keep them stay for a longer time? Well, flowers are such a beautiful thing that you might want them to stay fresh and lovely for long time. You can do so by following some of the do’s and don’ts of keeping flowers:

Let us first have a look on some DON’Ts of flower keeping:

  • When you received flowers from someone, don’t just place the flowers in a place without much care and thought as to what the flowers need. Otherwise, at the end you’ll have a bendy and dried-up bouquet faster that you think.
  • Don’t fail to change the water in the vase where you kept your flowers, every day. Just remember that maintaining cleanliness is one of the important factors to keep flowers fresh and healthy for long.
  • Don’t overlook to clean the vase with soap and water and to wash it thoroughly every time you change the water.
  • Don’t forget to put plant food every time you change the water to lengthen the life of the flowers. It will also help to kill bacteria in the water and make the flowers live long.
  • Don’t forget to maintain a proper environment for the flowers. Don’t keep them in direct contact with the heat.

Photo of Spring Flowers

So, these are some don’ts of flower keeping. Now, let’s find out some important DO’s that you must follow to keep your flowers stay fresh and vibrant for long:

  • As soon as you receive the flowers, do place them in a vase filled with lukewarm water.
  • Do keep the flowers in a large enough vase so as to allow the stems room to move.
  • Do put some flower food in the vase to help revitalize your flowers in few hours. You must be aware that the delivery process of flowers especially when the flower shop is too far from your place, can stress the flowers particularly if they are too delicate.
  • Do remove dry blooms if any, so that the water in the vase can be used more efficiently by the fresh flowers. The dried out petals and leaves can facilitate the bacteria to grow, which will not only harm the fresh flowers, but may also produce a foul odour in the home.
  • Do ensure that water in the vase covers each stem.
  • Do remember to trim the stems of flowers every time you change the water as this will help to revitalize the flower.

When you are informed that someone has sent flowers for you, it is certainly a great feeling. You can keep these wonderful feeling for long by knowing all the essential do’s and don’ts of flower keeping.

Photo of Tulips

Author Bio: Ryan Holman is an experienced blogger and florist in London who sells beautiful and perfect flower arrangement in London. In the above post he is sharing some of the important points to keep the flowers fresh and healthy for long.

How to tell if your soil is too acidic

Hydrangeas are natural pH indicator - Blooms are bloom in acidic soil, and pink in alkaline soil.

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and today I thought I’d share a cool fact about the Hydrangea – it’s smart. If your garden soil is too acidic the Hydrangea flowers are vibrant blue, and if the soil is too alkali then the blooms are a vibrant pink!

If you have a hydrangea in your garden take a moment and look out the window – in an instant you’ll know if your soil is more acidic or more alkali.

By the way, you can change the colour of your flowers by adding aluminum sulphate or lime. Add aluminum sulphate to make your flowers blue, and and lime to make them pink!

Here’s a website about changing the colour of your hydrangeas.

Apart from changing colours, can you think of any other smart flower features?

Please share your comments below and have a great day,

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

Keeping Your Easter Flowers Fresher Longer

Best Wishes Flowers in Vase

Best Wishes Flowers in Vase

Everyone loves getting flowers for all types of events and occasions and Easter is no exception. Easter flower arrangements can be some of the most beautiful because of all of the bright brilliant spring colored flowers. Taking the time to care for your Easter flowers will ensure that they last longer than a mere weekend. Most people love beautiful flowers, but they are somewhat unsure how they will be able to extend the life of their lovely Easter flower arrangements. The following is information that will help with the preservation of beautiful Easter flower bouquets.

Preparation of Flowers upon Receipt

Upon obtaining flowers for Easter either directly from a florist or as a gift from a loved one, family or friend, it is very important to properly prepare flowers to assist in their longevity. Usually fresh cut Easter flower arrangements can last for a few days if they are properly maintained. One of the main tips for making sure that your flowers for Easter remain fresh and lively is to keep them adequately watered. For those that receive Easter bouquets that come with oasis foam, it is important to keep this form wet to ensure that the flowers are receiving adequate moisture. It is also possible to send Easter flowers in a vase. Those individuals that receive flowers in this manner should make sure that the stems are fully immersed in water upon receipt. It is even advised to trim the stems before immersing them in water so that the flowers are better able to obtain the moisture that is needed.

Sustaining Easter Flower Arrangements with Home Remedies

Carnations Vased with Greens

Carnations Vased with Greens

In addition to the traditional methods of sustaining the life of Easter flower arrangements by making sure the stems are adequately moist, there are other ways that people can keep their flowers for Easter fresher longer. Many of these methods are actually homemade tips that can be easily achieved with little to no effort. Placing crushed aspirin in the vase prior to adding the flowers will significantly help to extend the life of the flowers. Adding about ¼ teaspoon of bleach to about a liter of water will also keep flowers longer and will also prevent the growth of bacteria in the water. The addition of a copper penny to the vase water will produce acid which will prevent the growth of bacteria and increase the lifespan of Easter flower arrangements. Also, as wacky as it may seem, it is possible to send Easter flowers already in a vase and ensure their longevity by adding a clear lemon-lime soda to the vase water. Apparently, the sugar in the soda will make the flowers last longer. Overall, there a variety of things that people can do to extend the life of their Easter bouquets.

Drying Easter Flowers

For those individuals that really want to hold on to their flowers for Easter, there is always the option of drying the flowers. Drying flowers is not a complicated process. There are a number of people that do it for a variety of reasons. The drying of Easter flower arrangements involves taking the flowers and placing them in a location that will enable the moisture to be easily removed.  The drying process simply involves placing the flowers in a warm dry place for a couple of weeks until all the moisture in the flowers has been removed. Once the flowers for Easter are totally dried, they can be used in a variety of ways such as for arts and crafts and even for fragrant homemade potpourri.

Thus, if someone should send Easter flowers get the most use of them by properly caring for them via a number of preservation techniques, and then continue to enjoy them as dried flowers later on.

Make Flowers and Plants Last Longer – Part 2

Making Loose Bunches or Boxed Flowers Last Longer:

  • Keep your flowers in a cool place until you can get them in a flower food solution. Don’t forget how important it is to follow the mixing directions on the flower food packet.
  • Fill a clean (washed with a detergent or antibacterial cleaning solution), deep vase with water and add a flower food from your florist.
  • Remove leaves that will be below the waterline. Leaves in water will promote bacterial microbial growth that may limit water uptake by the flower.
  • Re-cut stems by removing one to two inches with a sharp knife. Place the flowers in the vase solution you’ve prepared.
Orange spray roses and miniature gerberas

Celebrate Fall with the Golden Glow!

If you purchase loose flowers for your own arrangements you should also consider these tips:

  • When selecting flowers, look for flowers with upright, firm petals and buds beginning to open. Yellow, spotted or drooping leaves are signs of age.
  • When using woody stems and branches (such as quince, forsythia or lilac), cut the stem with sharp pruning shears. Place them in warm water containing fresh flower food to promote flower opening.

Plant Care Tips: Green Thumb Not Required

Not only are green and flowering plants a great enhancement to any home or office decor, they are also beneficial to your health. The results of a study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show that common houseplants are powerful, natural air cleaners – all the more reason why you want to keep your plants healthy with the proper care.

Roses and Gerbera Fresh Flowers Vased

Send a cheerful greeting with rose and Gerbera daisy flower bouquet.

Most plants come with care instructions specified for the type of plant. The Society of American Florists provides these additional general guidelines to keep most green houseplants thriving:

Keep plants in medium-light locations – out of direct sunlight
Natural light is best, but some plants can also thrive in office fluorescent light. Most flowering potted plants should be placed in areas with the most light in order to maintain good flower color and promote the maximum number of flowers to open. Foliage plants will do well under lower light levels and can be placed in areas providing reduced light.

Plant soil should be kept moist at all times
Plants should not be allowed to dry out or wilt. Be careful to avoid over watering – do not allow plants to stand in water. Avoid wetting plant leaves.

Avoid excessive heat or cold
Plants should be kept in a cool spot (between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) for best performance. They should be kept away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators. (Appliances like televisions give off heat, which causes plants to dehydrate.)

We hope you enjoyed this 2nd part article on how to make your plants and flowers last longer. If you have any additional tips, please comment below.