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September “Special” Holidays

Well, it’s the beginning of another month. So here are the silly holidays that you can mark on your calendar.

Be Late for Something Day

Sept. 5 – Be late for something day– Probably not the best idea to make that thing work. Just a suggestion.

Sept. 6 – Fight Procrastination Day– You can do it…and on time!!!

Teddy Day

Sept. 9 – Teddy Bear Day- Awww. Send a loved one a teddy bear today with flowers and a note saying how much you care.

Grandparents Day

Sept. 13 – Grandparents– Go visit your Granny and Gramps and bring them a floral bouquet to brighten up their place

Teleflora's Grand Sunshine Bouquet - BF4275

Teleflora’s Grand Sunshine Bouquet – BF4275sepho

Sept. 16 – Step Family Day– I’m pretty sure Cinderella wouldn’t be celebrating this day

Sept. 19 – International Talk like a pirate Day– Seriously!!!! This is the coolest day! Aargh, me matey!

Wife Appreciation Day

Sept. 20 – National Wife’s Day- We all know how much they do…a little appreciation goes a long way! Hint Hint

Sept. 21 – World Gratitude- For all you business owners out there…Send thank you notes to your customers and include a gift certificate!

Ask a stupid question day or Good Neighbour day

Sept. 28 – Ask a stupid question day or Good Neighbour day– Today is the day to show your appreciation for the neighbour that has collected your mail or paper while you were gone, lent you power tools or was there when you needed them to take you to the hospital because of those power tools And it’s not a stupid question to ask how the power tools work!

Hope you had a great summer and the fun continues into the Fall!

A funny dinner story

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and the holidays are a great time of year for some sort of family gathering. Take Christmas for instance, in our home it’s a time for children – of all ages!

It’s always a time when there are children running and yelling, adults trying to quiet them down to no avail, and old folks smirking at the memories of doing the same for those adults not too long ago.

One year, I don’t recall which exactly, we all came together as usual and were gathering in our living room sipping hot beverages and talking as people arrived, took of coats and hats, and generally made the walk around the room to say hello and give hugs. On this occasion one of the children, who was perhaps three or four, took it upon himself to be very manly about his introductions – shaking hands, formally calling us by Mr or Mrs, and so forth. It was quite amusing.

A few hours into the night, the meal served and eaten, and all of us still sitting at the table too content to stand up and leave the room just yet, the little guy stood on his chair and used his spoon to tink his plastic cup to get our attention. I guess he’d seen this in a movie and thought it was the way you got attention at a gathering such as this. He announced:

“Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends. Today I want to announce a happy occasion to all of you.” His exact words weren’t so well-elucidated, of course, but this was the gist. His announcement?

“I can now use the grownup’s potty. Mommy is quite proud!”

He said it deadpan, with a completely straight face, as if it were, in fact, an exceedingly important announcement. His mother gasped and stared, not sure what to do. I was having trouble processing this myself. Then a huge guffaw erupted and his father, standing and running to hug his son, let out a woop of laughter. That put the rest of us into the carpet too.

To this day, years later, we still bring up that story and laugh about it. I wanted to share it with you all.

Merry Christmas or if you prefer, Happy Holidays 🙂

Until next time,

Ken Bolt


Merry Christmas