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Spring Is The Meme

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and being a florist, spring is, of course, one of my favourite times of year. Along with summer, fall, and winter, of course. Like most people, I generally claim the current, burgeoning season or the season that seems opposite of the one we’re in the middle of, to be my favourite. Taken as a whole, I suspect I like all seasons the same amount, just in different ways. In the heat of summer, winter’s chill seems like a far off blessing, but in the wet of spring, the more muted beauty of fall might seem more likeable. It’s all about perception.

But we’re coming into spring, so that’s the current topic of conversation. Easter flowers, seedlings, tulips, daffodils, April showers and the beauty and freshness of spring flowers is always a welcomed change! Online, of course, Spring is the Meme, with Facebook posts and tweets being all about how Easter is really from Ishtar and flowers don’t actually bloom now, but actually do so underground, or some other thing that is largely based on semantics or who’s historical perspective you’re asking for. Like most memes, it’s full of truth and expectation, but may not be completely accurate.

Basket Of Beauty Bouquet by Teleflora

Basket Of Beauty Bouquet by Teleflora

Take the whole “tulips come in April” thing. I hear a lot of that. It’s only true for very specific regions, though. While the green of the plants may poke through the soil in April, having actual tulips and other spring flowers blooming is unlikely unless you live in the Southern U.S.A. For most of us, tulips begin blooming in very late April and early May instead.

Still, Spring is the Meme and right now, it’s my happiest time of year. What with all the greenery sprouting, Easter Floral arrangements, people getting new lightness of being, and with less cabin fever being the norm. In a couple of weeks, of course, I’ll probably not like spring as much and be looking forward to summer with its predictable warmth and easier gardening.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

The Daffodil in March

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and the birth flower for March is the daffodil, though in some cultures it’s the jonquil instead. The daffodil symbolizes love because the most common colour for the daffodil in the wild is bright yellow, symbolizing the sun of springtime and its warmth as well as the babies that so often come at this time of year in nature.I’m a huge fan of the daffodil. It’s sprightly, loves to “go large,” and is instantly recognized by just about everyone who sees it. Name a person who doesn’t know the meaning behind a daffodil and you’re naming someone who lives a dull life.

Many also see the jonquil as a flower for March, but in Western culture, it is often used in funerals as a conveyor of sympathy, which I feel is counter to the message of spring. Like many flowers, the jonquil has been misrepresented due to our cultural use of it, of course, but this does change its appeal regardless.

What is your favourite springtime flower? There are many of them.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

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Halloween Romance is a Real Treat!

Halloween can be a perfect opportunity to heat up the romance with your partner. All the costumes, treats, mystery and autumn darkness allow for a spooktacular night of romance!

Candles and roses - great for both Halloween and romance!

Candles and roses – great for both Halloween and romance!

Here are a few ideas for a night of Halloween passion to remember!

– Go to the same costume party separately and don’t let each other know what you are going to dress up as. See if you can find each other at the party and solve the mystery..

– Decorate your bedroom with candles, Jack-o’-lanterns, cobweb, red rose petals or other Halloween flowers and spend the night giving each other sensual massages and enjoying fine wine..

– Go pumpkin picking together and at night carve out some good times, make it a competition or a joint effort.. either way enjoy each other’s company.

– Pick out those “special” costumes that will let you both relive your secret fantasies, and why not be someone else for a night?..

– Go for a scary walk through a graveyard or a dark forest (if you dare)…bring a flashlight!

Rent a limo and take a ride through a few graveyards (for even more fun add bottle(s) of wine and chocolates)

– Find an old bed and breakfast in a rural area and spend a night together…

– Watch a scary movie, cozy up, feed each other chocolate, enjoy some wine and see where it goes..

– Go for a hay ride or a visit a haunted house.. find a dark place and sneak in a few kisses..

How would you make your Halloween more romantic? Let us know..


We got all the Flowers to Make Someone Smile

Good Morning Everyone, we got some very exciting news to share..

Teleflora's Make Someone Smile® Week, July 21 - 27, 2013

“Teleflora, the world’s leading flower delivery service, offering only hand-arranged, hand-delivered floral arrangements, announced [earlier this month] its plans for Make Someone Smile® Week, the floral industry’s leading benevolent program running from Sunday, July 21 through Saturday, July 27. Teleflora member florists and community volunteers will be out in their neighborhoods in droves delivering Be Happy® Bouquets to those in need of smiles – such as hospital patients, senior citizens living in nursing homes and assisted living homes, and recipients of Meals-on-Wheels programs.”

You don’t have to be a florist to participate in this benevolent event! You too can bring a little sunshine into someone’s life, just visit your favorite florist and send some “happy flowers” to someone who you think needs them 🙂

Teleflora's Be Happy Smile Mug Bouquet

Teleflora’s Be Happy Smile Mug Bouquet

For the skeptics, we’ve found an interesting article that support the notion that flowers actually do induce real positive emotions in people. Why wouldn’t they.

Being a Teleflora affiliated florist, we carry many of their floral designs. You can browse through our online store in search of Teleflora’s sunny, cheerful, happy flower arrangements and bouquets – guaranteed to bring out smiles in anyone. Imagine the moment when someone you care about, receives a Be Happy Bouquet, professionally arranged and delivered by a local florist. It will make them so happy.Their smile will in turn make other’s smile… contagious!

Remember, when times get hard, it’s memories like these that we all reflect on and cherish, helping us get through the day. It’s a pleasant feeling knowing that someone out there thinks and cares about you.