Go colourful with flowers in 50 Shades in a Bouquet!

Love is in the air….Valentine’s Day is coming up, ladies & gentlemen! The funny thing about Valentine’s Day is that there are so many different opinions or feelings about this particular “holiday”.
There are the naysayers who think it’s all a bunch of hooey- Made up by women so they can get a little extra attention and gifts from their men.

Unforgettable 50 Rose Hand Tied

Unforgettable 50 Rose Hand Tied

Then there are the “middle class. They just follow the tradition to keep themselves out of the dog house.
Lastly there are the diehards. Those hopeless romantics that can’t wait for the day! They have been writing poems, sending out Valentine’s Day cards to everyone they know and have been wearing pink & red for weeks!

Which ever category you fall under, picture yourself with a bouquet of beautiful red roses.
If you are the naysayer- You have just won yourself some MAJOR bonus points and if you give them with a teddy bear- You, my friend, are definitely in the good books for a while.
If you are the middle class- a dozen roses will solidify how you feel and show you care. A box of chocolates will take you that extra mile.
If you are the hopelessly romantic- Let’s be honest- A dozen red roses is not going to do it for you. You are buying the shop out of roses, a bunch of teddy bears varying in size, rose petals scattered throughout the house, balloons, poems & of course chocolate… Lots & Lots of Chocolate!

One Pound Of Delicious Chocolates

One Pound Of Delicious Chocolates

This day only rolls around once a year so if there is a special someone in your life-make them feel special. You will reap the benefits.
If you’ve been crushing on a certain someone for some time- STOP TEXTING & EMAILING them and bring them some roses, a balloon and chocolates. Your gesture will stand out amongst others- Hands Down!
And forget about 50 Shades of Grey…
Go colourful with flowers in 50 Shades in a Bouquet!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread Some Love! XOXO

My man already sent me flowers for Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14th and too often customers order too late. We encourage you to order early and deliver early.
Women especially love to receive their Valentine Day flowers before any of their friends and co-workers. This makes you a real big hero because they can brag: my man already sent me flowers for Valentines. Look at me and my flowers. Hey, take a photo! Every other women in the office will silently endure the smug remarks and wish their man would do the same. Hurry, get my flowers to me fast. I want my flowers early…not late.

Send a Hug I Ruff You with Teddy Bear

Send a Hug I Ruff You with Teddy Bear

I mean think about it! Who wants to receive flowers on Feb. 14 at 5 or 6 pm? or even at 3 pm? Who wants flowers after Valentines? ( Not many !!)
The secret is to deliver early and allow your special recipient to enjoy before and up to Feb. 14th.
After Feb. 14th or 15th, the occasion and the gifts lose a lot of lustre. Everyone is on to the next big thing at work and at home.

Please do not be a last minute shopper for Valentine’s Day flowers and roses. Get the best and biggest bang for your buck and have your gift of flowers delivered early Feb. 11th or 12th for sure.

Valentine’s Day is Saturday this year. Many deliveries will go earlier in the week to the office which usually close by 5 pm. But drivers will not get all the deliveries to offices completed by 5pm.
This will be especially true on Friday, Feb. 13th. Staff often leave early on Fri. So the cut off is even earlier. And what can the driver do if he or she gets there after the recipient has gone home?

Sweethearts Rose Bouquet by FTD

Sweethearts Rose Bouquet by FTD

So please be a wise Valentine Day shopper and have your gift of Valentine flowers or roses delivered on Feb. 11th or Feb 12th. Then Fri the 13th becomes a backup day if delivery fails on Feb 12.

Looking forward to all your orders for Valentine’s flowers for Feb 11th and 12th, 2015.

Ken Bolt

Make it through the bitter cold month of January with something to make you smile!

So, it’s the New Year- which means Resolution Time! We all think about what it is we need to “adjust” to make us better human beings. Whether it’s weight loss, less “indulging” in your favourite red or white variety of beverage or simply to be better. A better person who is more focused, more giving, more kind.

New Year's Resolution

Here’s an idea- Achieve two ends with a single effort! A way to check off one item on your New Year’s Resolution List- Be more kind & giving and also refresh the look of a home by bringing back all the cheerful colours flowers have to offer. How about sending a bright coloured bouquet of flowers to someone that really went out of their way for you this holiday season. Or maybe it is someone that deserved the best holiday season but for one reason or another didn’t quite get it. Maybe it’s being kinder to yourself. Spoil Yourself! You deserve it! Treat yourself and your home with a fresh cut floral bouquet.

Be Happy Bouquet with Roses

Be Happy Bouquet with Roses

We all know by this time the Christmas centrepiece arrangement is long gone except for the pine cones, maybe some wax left in the candle and the cute seasonal container your flowers came in that you are now planning on packing away with the rest of your Christmas decor. And once all the decorations come down, you look around at your home and it feels unfinished. Along with the resolution list you’ve been trying to write for the past week.

Everyone’s goal in the New Year is to make it through the bitter cold month of January with something to make us smile. Whether it’s accomplishing your New Year’s goals by adding some floral cheer or just treating yourself to a bouquet instead of that Caramel Brulee Latte with Caramel & Whipped Cream. Which-let’s be honest- is not going to help you with one of your other New Year’s resolutions.
So why not give a smile to someone- Send a Bouquet- It’s Fat Free!

The Perfect Wedding Floral Arrangement

Imagining a wedding without flowers is almost impossible since they are the most basic decorating item of the wedding hall. Many people have tried to substitute flowers with other items such as balloons, but they have always failed in their objective. The essence that a flower can bring to your wedding is impossible to bring through any other gift. Flowers for delivery through online stores make sure that your wedding looks a mind-blowing one with the flowers of your choice. You can choose many flowers that are hard to get in the local stores from them.

Wedding Flower Arrangements

The joy of getting something that is hard to get in the market makes you feel excited over the proceedings of your wedding. Arranging unique flowers is possible through these online stores but finding an appropriate decorator for them is not an easy task. Every decorator has a different image in its mind and mostly it is created by looking at what others do. This habit of your decorator might make your wedding decorations the same one. No bride and bridegroom would prefer that, and thus they make sure to go for unique decorators. There are many means of finding one such as you can get them locally or online.

Purple bridesmaids

Opt For Online Stores:

Online stores that sell flowers have with them decorators that know how to decorate appropriately with the flowers you have chosen. Buying good flowers but not decorating them would make your decorations look bad. While arranging flowers the size of the stems and the shape of the vase matters a lot. Once you miss out the appropriate size you would lose a beautiful arrangement opportunity. Flower bouquets delivery thus must be made keeping in mind the arrangements that you have made in the other parts of the hall.

Bride with wedding bouquet

Engage A Decorator:

Another thing that people often fail to understand is excessive demand. Since it is a wedding season, it is very natural to have excessive demand in the market for flowers and flower decorators. The most probable outcome of excessive demand is the lack in the supply that can leave you with no flowers also. In such a case all your plans for a perfect wedding would be spoiled. Thus make sure that you book your flowers in advance so that there is no lack of delivery option. Along with booking flowers, make sure to book a decorator also in advance because it might happen that your flowers have reached, and there is no man to decorate it.

Pink wedding bouquet

Do the arrangements all according to the furnishing of the wedding hall. Mostly people go for white flowers as wedding halls have white walls. This myth of theirs regarding white flowers are best for white walls is a worthless one. You can decorate white walls with flowers of other colours also. One example is golden colour flowers. These look just marvellous in white walls and thus you must not miss out these while purchasing your flowers. The last advice is always to look for options rather than choosing flowers and decorators at a single look. With the ongoing wedding seasons there, are many in the market to give you the product of your choice. Thus, you must not fail to look at the other options also that might give you best flowers and decorations.

Blue wedding bouquet

Author’s Profile:  Celine wilson, the author of this post is a dedicated florist for wedding flowers. Apart from her profession she also likes to provide tips and techniques for the perfect arrangement of flowers before the initialization of event.