Great Ways To Keep Your Garden Flourishing

When you’re short of time it can be hard to keep on top of the daily gardening tasks and sometimes even the smallest of things can be left by the wayside. However, sometimes is it these small garden maintenance tasks that have the biggest of impacts on the health of your garden, making it either lush and green or wilting and faded. Watering and feeding your lawn, flowerbeds and pots is just one of those jobs that shouldn’t be forgotten and can have a huge impact on the success of your garden bloom.


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Over the long summer months grass can become dehydrated and bare and without proper lawn maintenance it can become a real eyesore in any garden. So if you want to keep your lawn looking its best and water isn’t an issue then watering your soil once a week should keep it looking great. For the best effect, grass should not be allowed to turn brown and soil should be thoroughly drenched. If there is a water shortage then a little TLC after the summer will go a long way to ensure that it comes back rejuvenated and full of life.
Fertiliser should be used during the spring months to help the lawn to gain strength and colour. For best results, lawn feeding should be completed in cooler conditions and when the soil is a little moist to ensure it really gets to work. Re-application can be completed over the summer months to help a fading or over-used lawn.


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If you want your flowers to bloom during the spring and summer months it is important that they are watered and fed regularly to avoid an early doom. During dry spells, flowerbeds should be watered well at least once a week, ensuring that the soil is thoroughly drenched so water can reach the roots. Plants close to the walls should receive extra care to ensure that they can access the water that they need, while slow release fertilisers can also be used to give your flowers the nutrients that they so desperately need. Remember that deadheading your flowers can help to encourage re-blooming and can help other flowers on the plant to stay in bloom.

Hanging Baskets & Containers

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Hanging baskets and container plants need careful attention if they are to survive and should be tended to on a daily basis during the hottest summer days. As there is limited soil for the plants to draw water and nutrients from it should be kept moist and not allowed to dry out. Daily watering may be necessary during hot days, while a nutrient-rich fertiliser can help to keep them in bloom. During the winter months, baskets and pots should be moved into sheltered spots or into a greenhouse where available, with extra insulation provided for those that are staying out. Weeds should also be monitored regularly to stop them from starving your flowers from the nutrients in the soil, with manual weed control a simple and effective method.
So if you have an urban city pad with chic potted and container plants then be prepared to take five minutes to water them every day when it’s sunny. Lawns and flowerbeds need less regular watering and feeding though they can be time consuming to plant, weed and mow. If you’re going away during the summer then try to get a friend or neighbour to pop round and water your Fulham garden maintenance while you’re away. But if there isn’t anyone you can ask then there are plenty of gardening professionals who run summer services who can help you out for as long as you need.

Augmentation Of Florists Jobs

The flower sellers, popularly known as florists, have immense amount of obligations to perform. They have to grow plants, create eminent designer floral displays do the marketing of flowers to attract the customers and making fast yet consistent conveyance to them. To become a florist or get a job at the floral field, one has to opt for horticultural degree programs so that ample amount of education is gained about the flowers and flower industry. There are short term courses which provide the additional skills apart from knowledge. The aspiring florists come from high school levels and get their skills sharpened during the process of on-the-job training.

A florist in London has to deliver and sell plants and flowers to customers and individual units just like other florists residing in the parts of the world. These florists have to the flowers and plants that they also are bound to sell; it would make them more knowledgeable about how to raise the specific species and how to sell it. The activities like unloading the manure, transferring the half grown plants to flower pots for better nutrition, to take seeds and materials from the truck suppliers are some of the quintessential duties that a florist has to perform.

At some floral shops the jobs are divided. Workers are made to grow certain species of plants. Another group is assigned with watering the plants and keeping an eye on its nutrition base. Other individuals might have been allotted to check as to when these flowers are ready to sell. The people who work as florists in shops must have ample amount of knowledge regarding this area, sometimes even more then the people handling the flower business.

These workers aspire to be a successful florist some day. So for that they take formal training classes to educate themselves more. According to the bureau of labor statistics in U.S.A, in the year 2010 about thirty-one percent of the people were happily self -employed as florists. It is a hypothetical thought that, people who adore flowers and make a career out of it tend to care more about natural elements. Which does not mean others do not care, but loving flowers is really a kind and beautiful thing. Some do it for happiness and passion some dedicate their whole life to it.

The duties of a florist includes the following tasks-

  • They have to protect, sell and make the flower arrangements in an attractive manner, same goes for the gift-ware items.

  • Creating eye catching designs for selling the flowers at a large market base.

  • To order sufficient amount of flower supply, from the whole seller.

  • Taking care of the flowers, so they remain live and fresh by watering and nurturing their roots.

  • Creating enticing displays of flowers at the outer and the inner areas of the store.

  • They have to take orders on line and on phone, and have to understand the exactness of the customer’s demand.

  • They have to help the customers to choose the flowers and pack them with ribbons and decorative stuff as per the customer’s wish.

  • They make communications to wedding planners, the entertainment industry, and other business people. Reason being, flowers are universally used, so anyone can come right up and demand the stuff from them. This profession of a florist needs you to be every ready for customer services.

The florist designers have a vast job of furnishing the banquets of flowers in various occasions, like wedding, birthdays, at the church, at the funeral. The ones who are into this job must know which flowers to use when and where. They know about the seasonal ones and how they will remain fresh. They might have to travel from one place to another, like the florist in London has to go to a different place for deliveries. These florists are careful about how the flowers would react to humidity, to cold weather, or the hot areas. Nowadays people go for flower arrangements specifically made by the designers rather than established series of banquets or displays. Reason being, they can instruct the concerned person about how they want the designs to be. It would add a tinge of a personal flavor of the customer.

Once again, we have to stress upon the fact that the people who are into this business have to be well acknowledged to the flower patterns. Their condition subjected to whether and the designs used in various occasions like contacts with wedding professionals and other event managements. The managers have to make precise contracts with floral suppliers filling the stores with adequate plants, soling material and seeds.

If you are opting for a flower delivery boy, then you need not have the degree of horticulture. They are known as the drivers who are paid along with salary some amount of tips, either by the florists or the customer. They are given a driving license and a vehicle for delivery.

How To Save Money While Selecting The Best Flowers For Your Wedding Day

Since ages, weddings connect our souls to a fairyland which blooms with exotic smelling flowers, and no doubt about it. Most of the weddings in addition to the glitz and glamour and majestic servings are abundant with the prettiest and colourful flowers lying on the wedding land from which we can’t take our eyes off. But if you are worrying about your bank balance which you think would become lighter than a lilac, then halt, there is good news for you people that you can still have your dream wedding by cutting tiny bit of cost on the wedding flowers. Just cast a glance through some of the suggestions.


Be Tiny & Tweeny: Flowers that are huge make the audience stop at their feet for an admiring glance; they are a beauty which enraptures our eyes every time we cross them. But one disadvantage of those flowers is they are way down expensive. To minimize the scale according to your budget, ask your florist to give you the smaller ones. Their exactness will gave the same graceful look just like those huge flowers tend to give. This option is worth a try and will give you immense satisfaction.

Choosing from the varieties of roses, carnations, narcissus, autumn leaves, pumpkin and many more you can take the carnation flowers if you are fond of them and mix those with others to create a plentiful lush green effect. It will be your re-incarnation of a tasteful wedding.

Wedding flower

Fruitful Weddings: Fruits are added options in the organization of weddings. The smell of raspberries mixing with a blood red cherry is enough to make your head swirl in intoxication. Of course there can be no replica of flowers but you can add your favourite fruits inside it to enhance the effect of the decoration. If you have been to a winery or the domestic countryside weddings you would have had this experience of this fruitful ambiance. The options you can consider for this fruity hunt are kiwano melon, pineapples, lychee, jackfruit, green grapes, oranges etc to create a kaleidoscopic look at the front of the entrance.

Ambience’s In All Directions: Create a multi effect with the amount of flowers that you have got, if you are thinking of placing them as a welcoming effect at the hall, then think vice versa for the reception timings also, this would enhance your limitation in the wedding budget and the guests will enjoy the fragrant atmosphere. For handling this task you simply need to ask your co- coordinator or whoever is helping at the event to decorate the tables the corners of the hall, the guest-book or any other thing which requires embellishment.

Flowers In Weddingland: We have considered ample of options for limiting the budget area in the usage of wedding flowers. However, you need to choose wisely and add flowers to the lush green romantic settings. The perfect atmosphere where along with the bride and groom the audience will feel like wandering in the wonderland. Where flowers are gently nodding their heads in welcome. Children would feel as if they want to be their friends. Inhaling their exquisite smell will lull you to those mystic feelings. Flowers are one god gifted element; make sure you unwrap them with delicacy and grace.

About The Author: Anna Shinnai is a wedding professional. She has organized numerous weddings in the city, and is famous for her renowned style of wedding designs. Here she is giving some points to limit the budget on the wedding flowers.

Some Do’s and Don’ts Related to Keeping Flowers Fresh For Long!!

One of the best gifts that one can ever receive from their loved ones is a fresh bouquet of the most gorgeous flowers they love. Fresh flowers not only bring joy, but also make you as happy as fresh flowers. Furthermore, wonderful blooms can light up the atmosphere of your home.

Photo of Flowers

These days, flower delivery is quite common considering that there is a lot of florist in London, delivering flowers in London and to neighbouring areas. One can also find a number of online flower shops offering amazing and fresh flowers receiving which you’ll brighten up your day and keep smiling.

If you happen to receive flowers flowed through shops that deliver flowers, how you can keep them stay for a longer time? Well, flowers are such a beautiful thing that you might want them to stay fresh and lovely for long time. You can do so by following some of the do’s and don’ts of keeping flowers:

Let us first have a look on some DON’Ts of flower keeping:

  • When you received flowers from someone, don’t just place the flowers in a place without much care and thought as to what the flowers need. Otherwise, at the end you’ll have a bendy and dried-up bouquet faster that you think.
  • Don’t fail to change the water in the vase where you kept your flowers, every day. Just remember that maintaining cleanliness is one of the important factors to keep flowers fresh and healthy for long.
  • Don’t overlook to clean the vase with soap and water and to wash it thoroughly every time you change the water.
  • Don’t forget to put plant food every time you change the water to lengthen the life of the flowers. It will also help to kill bacteria in the water and make the flowers live long.
  • Don’t forget to maintain a proper environment for the flowers. Don’t keep them in direct contact with the heat.

Photo of Spring Flowers

So, these are some don’ts of flower keeping. Now, let’s find out some important DO’s that you must follow to keep your flowers stay fresh and vibrant for long:

  • As soon as you receive the flowers, do place them in a vase filled with lukewarm water.
  • Do keep the flowers in a large enough vase so as to allow the stems room to move.
  • Do put some flower food in the vase to help revitalize your flowers in few hours. You must be aware that the delivery process of flowers especially when the flower shop is too far from your place, can stress the flowers particularly if they are too delicate.
  • Do remove dry blooms if any, so that the water in the vase can be used more efficiently by the fresh flowers. The dried out petals and leaves can facilitate the bacteria to grow, which will not only harm the fresh flowers, but may also produce a foul odour in the home.
  • Do ensure that water in the vase covers each stem.
  • Do remember to trim the stems of flowers every time you change the water as this will help to revitalize the flower.

When you are informed that someone has sent flowers for you, it is certainly a great feeling. You can keep these wonderful feeling for long by knowing all the essential do’s and don’ts of flower keeping.

Photo of Tulips

Author Bio: Ryan Holman is an experienced blogger and florist in London who sells beautiful and perfect flower arrangement in London. In the above post he is sharing some of the important points to keep the flowers fresh and healthy for long.