Everyone should have a Poinsettia for the Christmas season

Still, to this day, the word poinsettia has to be one of the top mispronounced words of the English language. It is one of the oldest Christmas traditions – that everyone should have a poinsettia for the Christmas season. The perfect hostess gift, for a neighbour, great for the in-laws or to fill up that annoying space in your living room you just can’t quite seem to find anything to suit it! Whatever the reasoning or intention is for your poinsettia, the one tradition that won’t fail to impress. The crimson red poinsettia are the most popular, hands down! The beautiful red leaves- ya, I said leaves. The flower of the poinsettia is actually the little yellow buds in the centre of the leaves. Along with the red poinsettia there are other colours as well- pinks, whites, jingle bells ( a red poinsettia with white flecks) and our favourite, the one we like to call Ketchup Chips, Why? Because that’s exactly what it looks like. It’s a white poinsettia that looks like it has been dusted with red powder. Simply Delicious!

Red Poinsettia

Red Poinsettia

The poinsettia is also an excellent business gift sent by many companies every year. We deliver their Seasons Greetings message to places all over North America and even some to Europe.

Deliver poinsettia gifts early in December so the recipients can enjoy leading up to the big day complementing other home or office decorations and of course the traditional Christmas tree.

We see hundreds of poinsettias come through the shop every year and we still ooh & ahh at the magnificent colours.

The trick to keeping your poinsettia happy and healthy throughout the season- or till Easter, like my mother, because “Why throw out a perfectly healthy plant?”- is to ignore it. That’s right you overwatering divas! Let your poinsettia get dry. Pick up your poinsettia, if it’s light, give it a drink. If not leave it for a couple days and try it again. For watering count 1,2,3,4,5- approximately half a cup of water every third or fourth day, depending on it’s location and the temperature of your house. That’s right people- ignorance is bliss- if you’re a poinsettia, that is! And it’s ok if a couple leaves fall off. Just clean them up and enjoy Mother Natures festive wonder.

I hope this information I’ve provided you helps you out this holiday season. Whether you are gift giving, showing thanks or simply need to get on your in-laws good side. Pick up a poinsettia today and spread some holiday cheer!

All the best for a happy, healthy holiday season from Brant Florist!

The Hottest New bridal flower bouquets, Trends for 2015

The bride’s flower bouquet during the marriage is definitely the initial point of selecting their own choice of personal flowers and along with that all the other arrangements of the marriage should always compliment. The freshest flower bouquets for the newly wedded bride seldom echo the shades and the shape of the bride’s outfit the size of the bouquet should be smaller and of course the color of the flowers should also complement the decorations of the wedding venue. The brides can also carry the mini bouquets which should obviously match the other floral things of the bride and they should wear the head wreath which is of the same kind of flowers from the bouquet of the bride or they can also carry a basket of flowers or flower petals.

White bridal bouquet

Recent Trend 2015, With Classic Touch:

Depending upon the mood of the bride, the choice of the flowers should be taken. A bride who wants to have a classy look with a taste of sophistication, then it would be best to have a bouquet with a combination of white flowers and green leaves; it will look better if the bride wears a pinkish or a white wedding gown. It is to be kept in mind that the other people attending the wedding should also carry the same flower with them along with the flower girls and the small children.

White and pink rose bridal bouquet

Colorful and Magnetic Look:

The flowers should be chosen according to the shade or the hue of those flowers which the bride is taking, the combination of the color of the flowers of the bride should always be contrasting. If a bride wants to have bright colors for their wedding, then a bouquet of coral red roses will be the best option and if the bride wears a golden tinge of wedding gown then the red roses will look amazing in her hands.

Bride holding a purple flowers bouquet

With the designer gown of the bride, she can also take the multi colored flower bouquet that is which consists of the various types and colors of flower and is decorated with ribbons and green leaves. The flower bouquet should not be very much heavier as the bride will carry it alone wearing the gown, it will be lighter and also easier to manage.

Wedding bouquet

Get The Best Range Of Trendy Bridal Flower Bouquets:

Choosing the best and the matching flowers for the wedding is one of the most exciting parts of the shopping for the marriage. You should direct the florist exactly what kind of flower bouquet you want for your wedding and how it should be decorated beautifully. If you can’t explain then you can show pictures to them to understand what type of flowers exactly you want. The shopping for the flowers is very much crucial as it is the most important thing for weddings.

Bride holding a Wedding rose bouquet

The bridal flowers for delivery for the bride should be packed and handled with proper care. The delivered flowers should used to decorate the marriage venue. The bridal flowers should be fresh and should have a sweet fragrance that can make the people and the newly wedded couple feels pleased and happy.

Birthday Flower Bouquet Full of Fragrance for Heavenly Experience

If you are confused over what to give and what not to give to your loved one on this birthday of theirs, then the best option is to give a flower bouquet. A flower bouquet mesmerizes the entire atmosphere for the birthday girl or boy. Many say that flowers are the best gift to give to girls, but what these people often miss out is that flowers are wonderful gifts to give to anyone. Obviously girls like flowers more than boys, but that does not imply in any way that you cannot give flowers to boys. The beautiful fragrance of flowers makes them a good gift for any class of people.

Happy Birthday flowers

Happy Birthday flowers

The best part of flowers is that they are fit to gift on any occasion such as you can gift them on birthdays, anniversaries, official meetings and many more such occasions. There is another very good thing of flowers and that is they are fit as a gift to everyone. Whether you know the person you are gifting very well or you do not know them that well, you can always give them flowers. It is a custom in some nations to give a gift to business partners on occasions such as birthdays, deal completion, etc. on such occasions the best gift is always birthday flower delivery.

Roses and Bombay bridal bouquet

Roses and Bombay bridal bouquet

The mesmerizing essence of flowers creates a heavenly experience in the minds of the people whom you gift them. If you time your flower delivery on the time such as early morning or midnight, then the feel of theirs would be all the more felt. There are many bouquet designs available in the online stores and each one is good in its own respect. There is also a categorization of the flowers according to the people you want to gift these. You can always go a bit unique with your gifts by gifting something out of the way also.

One example of it would be a bouquet to your girlfriend. She would always expect something in red flowers as a bouquet, but you can always surprise her with a bouquet of different flowers. There are some really distinct choices of flower bouquets available in the online stores. Send flowers online does, make sure that you get all the unique designs for your flower bouquets. The most unique bouquet idea available is of a truck carrying a bunch of flowers with happy birthday written on it.

Bouquet of Birthday Roses

Bouquet of Birthday Roses

Another plus point of sending flowers from these stores is that you can get not one variety of flowers but a number of them. They include in their bouquets the flowers with most fragrance and also the ones with no fragrance. In this way they make sure that you do not acquire any kind of allergy because of the excessive fragrance of these flowers. They have with them some really unique vase designs also. There are crystal vases, normal bouquets, colored vases and some unique baskets also for sending gifts. You can select the one of your choice and they would make sure to deliver it at specified place and time you wish to send them.

6 Ways to Use Roses other than in a Bouquet or Vase

Roses have always been the symbol of beauty and love, since ancient times. Usually roses go along mostly with the bouquet or vase, but they are other ways too to lavish your special one with roses.


Here are some romantic and exotic ways to use roses:

  • Rose Oil: Apart from its beauty, roses have been used for medicinal purpose, especially in aromatherapy. There is no greater romantic feeling than giving a rose oil massage to your partner. You can add a little amount of vitamin E oil or her favourite scentless body lotion. Many cosmetic and beauty products contain rose oil, but they are quite expensive to buy. Therefore, you can buy rose flowers from outside or online from Roses Only and can make rose oil at home. Homemade rose oil can be used in various ways and for many gifts.


  • Rose Water: Like rose oil, even rose water has health advantages. You can use it as a facial toner to bring relief to your dry and tired skin. You can sprinkle on your sheets and curtains to add the sensual rose essence to your home. Also, you can use it in your food items like cake, pastries and cookies. You can even make excellent tea by adding a little honey or sugar to your rose water. But, be careful as the homemade rose water lasts only several weeks, so make sure you use it before it loose its scent.


  • Rose Petal Potpourri: When your rose bouquets begins to droop, do not throw them away, but its petal can also be used after they finished blooming. You can make potpourri from these petals at home. Hang these roses upside down in a cool dry place to allow its petals to dry before they curl up. Once they are dry, take out these petals and put them in a glass jar and add a few drops of homemade rose oil. Stir the ingredients, seal the jar and shake the jar every couple of days for 8-10 days. Your potpourri is ready and you can place them in bowls or sachets to spread wonderful rose smell wherever you like.


  • As a presentation element in the food: If you are planning for a romantic candle light dinner, then strew some rose petals on your dinner table to make your dinner time more intense and romantic. You can also use rose petal as a topping in fruit salads or cupcakes. Use the best quality roses from Roses Only as to make sure it does not affect your health. You can use roses for making several food items like biscuits, chocolates, jam, ice cream and many more.
  • Rose Cocktails: After a wonderful dinner, spice up your night by giving a rosy touch to your cocktails. You can simply add a few rose petals or a few drops of rose water in a glass of a beer to add a light taste of rose to your drink.


  • Rose Petal Bath: What is more pleasurable and romantic than helping her have a soothe bath after a tough day? Spread some rose petal and let them float in the hot bath tub. Use different colour roses and a few drops of rose oil or rose water, put on some soft romantic music, light some candles and give her a relaxing and exotic bath that she will never forget.