Special Days for The Month of July

The calendar nowadays is filled with unique and interesting “holidays”. I use that term loosely as I don’t think you could talk your boss into getting the day off.

Here are a few “official” days that are coming up in July

July Calendar photo

July 2nd: I Forgot Day sending flowers on this day might save you on other special days when you….forgot.

July 5th: Workaholics Day – Remind the workaholic in your life that it’s important to stop and smell the roses.

July 7th: Chocolate Day – Ummm Yes please! A box of chocolates is also easily added to any floral order.

July 11th: Cheer up the lonely Day – A perfect reason to send flowers!

July 20th: Get out of doghouse Day – Today is the day to knock your loved ones socks off with a beautiful floral bouquet so they forget how badly you messed up.

July 24th: Cousins Day – Today’s the day to send that favourite cousin of yours a special treat to brighten their day and remind them of the great times you had growing up.

July 26th: All or Nothing Day – Ok, all you romantics, this is your day to shine! It’s time to take the plunge and send that secret crush a little something. You never know unless you try.

July 28th: National Milk Chocolate Day – Best month ever….Two Chocolate holidays in one month!

Strengthen Your Relationship by Sending Flowers to Your Loved Ones!

One of the best ways to make your relationship and bonding stronger with your loved ones is by sending flowers that signify you care for them. Whether it is an occasion of birthday, or anniversary, or you want to congratulate someone or even propose someone, flowers are the best medium for all. Among all the gifts, flowers are considered the best one, as the flowers signifies thoughtful regards to your friends, relatives as well as close ones. Being mute messengers, the flowers itself express your feelings and heartfelt gratitude to the one whom you present flowers as a gift.
Grandma receiving flowers
Nowadays, it has become a common practice to send flowers to those for whom you care for. As a result, sending flowers now no longer requires a visit to the florist shops and place the order. One can place their order spontaneously on any of the online florist, which nowadays is becoming a convenient and prompt way to send flowers at any corner of the world. If, in case, you are not able to attend any special event of your friend or relative, you could surely look forward to sending flowers in order to convey the respect or thanks to your loved ones.
Bouquet of Flowers
There are some of the most popular occasions or events where sending flowers could be considered as a perfect choice. Let us have a look at that:

  • Birthdays: Opting to send birthday flowers will definitely surprise someone special, while making them feel even more special. It is advisable to send a floral vase or ferns or any other living plant that would look much better than a traditional bouquet of cut flowers.
  • Anniversaries: Sending flowers on an occasion of anniversary could prove to be a great way to make your better-half feel special. Also, if any of your friend are having anniversaries, then also presenting flowers to them would signify that you remember and care for them. For anniversary purpose, it is recommended to send rosesbouquets or hand-tied that will build their relationship stronger.
  • Special Achievements: Congratulate your friend or colleague on any of the special work achievements with flowers. Also, during promotions, flowers could prove to be a perfect gift that strongly recognizes someone’s hard work and dedication at the workplace.
  • Farewell: It could be fantastic if you bid farewell to your colleague or someone special with flowers. This will signify that all your best wishes are with them and will be remembered always.
  • Graduation: Parents can convey their best wishes to their child by offering flowers as a token of love. Also, teachers can also send flowers to their favourite students to let them know how proud they are with their performance.
  • Thank You: The thank you flowers convey your gratefulness towards the one who has helped you when you needed them most. As a token of love, you can offer them “thank you” flowers just to emphasize how grateful are you.
  • New Baby: A baby-themed planter could be the best thing for the new parents to receive as a gift just to welcome the arrival of a new little member in the family. This would surely touch the heart of new parents and will feel happy with this special gift.
  • Get Well Soon: If someone has been ill, or has met with an accident, or had a surgery, or any other treatment, and are in hospital, then you can send them flowers for their speedy recovery. Flowers will show that they are being cared and will cheer them up with this special gift.

Thus, these were some of the most special occasions where one can strengthen their relationship by sending flowers to their loved ones as well as the one for whom they really care for.

Wedding Tables “No Fly Zone”

Wedding season is among us! Having flowers in the centre of each table at your wedding reception can add romance, colour, beauty and can even be a conversation piece.

There is a special rule that you should follow when thinking about wedding centrepieces. It’s called “The No Fly Zone” or rather that’s what I call it. :) That’s the area- approximately 12-18 inches up from the table. You should try to avoid having the fullest part of your centrepieces in this area.

Wedding Table Flowers

Wedding Table Flowers

If you are planning on having full floral centrepieces it’s best to have them either in a low container or in a taller vase or container. That way when the guests are seated they will be able to see the other people at the table and enjoy the celebratory atmosphere throughout the room that you have created.

Blooming Inside & Out!

So, now that we all have our gardens filled with plants, flowers & seeds- watching and waiting for the blooms to flourish- the inside of our houses are jealous of all the attention our yards are getting!

Using gerbera daisies, lilies and other flowers in oranges, pinks and yellows are popular for summer and guaranteed to brighten up any room.

Spring/Summer Garden Flowers

Spring/Summer Garden Flowers

A stunning, summery bouquet on your table along with a few stems in the bathroom is the perfect amount floral sprinkled throughout the house.

Remember to keep your inside blooming as much as your outside!