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We have beautiful Gifts and Flowers for Administrative Professionals Week Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day/Secretaries Day not only shows that you care, but allows you to maintain a high level of morale as a result of your open appreciation. The absolute best gift solution for Administrative Professionals Day is one offered by our online flower store. Flowers make such a great choice for Secretaries Day because they enrich the environment into which they are introduced and help to increase levels of happiness and job satisfaction. A happier worker means greater productivity, so everyone benefits in the end.

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Photo of What a Treat Vase Teleflora - TEV12-2

What a Treat Vase Teleflora
From $69.97 Save $6.30 $63.67 USD

Photo of Daisy Days with Vase  - TFWEB407

Daisy Days with Vase
From $57.00 Save $5.13 $51.87 USD

Photo of Speak Softly Pastel Cube Vase FTD - C19-4158

Speak Softly Pastel Cube Vase FTD
From $79.97 Save $7.20 $72.77 USD

Photo of Morning Joy Dendrobium Orchids in Vase - B1-3702

Morning Joy Dendrobium Orchids in Vase
From $64.97 Save $5.85 $59.12 USD

Photo of Pink Dawn Flower Vase  - 05N400

Pink Dawn Flower Vase
From $59.97 Save $5.40 $54.57 USD

Photo of Butterflies are Fine - TF11-1

Butterflies are Fine
From $69.97 Save $6.30 $63.67 USD

Photo of Blushing Beauty by FTD  - C11-4841

Blushing Beauty by FTD
From $74.97 Save $6.75 $68.22 USD

Photo of Cheery Flower Basket with Butterfly - BF1025LO

Cheery Flower Basket with Butterfly
From $59.97 Save $5.40 $54.57 USD

Photo of Roses in Vase 3, 5, or 7 - TF32-2

Roses in Vase 3, 5, or 7
  From $44.97 USD

Photo of A Little Pink Me Up - T10-3

A Little Pink Me Up
From $79.97 Save $7.20 $72.77 USD

Photo of Natural Wonders Flower Basket - C12-3434

Natural Wonders Flower Basket
  From $49.97 USD

Photo of Planter Basket Mixed Plants  - BF2950

Planter Basket Mixed Plants
From $59.97 Save $5.40 $54.57 USD

Photo of Flourishing Garden Flower Basket - C11-3035

Flourishing Garden Flower Basket
From $64.97 Save $5.85 $59.12 USD

Photo of Cotton Candy - T37-1

Cotton Candy
From $69.97 Save $6.30 $63.67 USD

Photo of Gerbera Brights in Vase - T156-1

Gerbera Brights in Vase
From $79.97 Save $7.20 $72.77 USD

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Lynne gave me a call to tell me she'd received the plant arrangement. She exclaimed that it is "beautiful!". Thank you so much.

— Sue Thorpe

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