Holiday flowers and planters

Holiday flowers and planters are popular at Christmas. Many flower decorating options exist for holiday decor around the house. Christmas themed planters brings brightness and colour to your holiday decor. While most people opt for the vibrant colors of the poinsettia flower for their holiday decor, there are many holiday flowers and planters for consideration for your holiday decorations.

We have a variety of beautiful holiday flowers and planters in all different arrangement sizes. Simply imagine a Christmas centerpiece of red roses and white lilies coupled with some Christmas greens on your Christmas dinner table. Our professional floral designers also accent their Christmas arrangements with fun and seasonal items like silver bells, ribbons, and ornaments for extra holiday cheer.

Christmas Holiday flowers are also a wonderful gift for someone who is throwing a party. Instead of giving a bottle of wine, you could stop and buy a beautiful holiday flower or planter arrangement. Beautiful calla lilies, spirited daisies, colorful carnations, and delicate tulips are all good holiday flowers that are a great choice for a Christmas bouquet. Holiday flowers bring cheer and color into the home of your friends, and all the guests will be able to enjoy it.

Holiday Flowers and Planters

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Photo of Holiday Homecoming Planter Basket - T123-2
 Three sizes for any budget 
Holiday Homecoming Planter Basket
From $69.97 Online Disc. $59.47 US
Photo of Christmas Planter Basket Medium with Red Poinsettia - TF102-1
 Basket and plants may vary due to availability  
Christmas Planter Basket Medium with Red Poinsettia
From $59.97 Online Disc. $56.97 US
Photo of Planter Basket Green and Blooming Plants - EO-6059
 Plants will vary  
Planter Basket Green and Blooming Plants
From $69.97 Online Disc. $59.47 US
Photo of Make Merry by Teleflora - TWR04-1
 Red and white in glass cube 
Make Merry by Teleflora
From $64.97 Online Disc. $55.22 US
Photo of Cyclamen Red - BF
 Wicker basket an alternative., 
Cyclamen Red
From $45.00 Online Disc. $42.75 US
Photo of Teleflora's Joyful Gesture Bouquet - TWR10-2
 Red and white in vase
May be a clear glass vase  
Teleflora's Joyful Gesture Bouquet
From $59.97 Online Disc. $56.97 US
Photo of Christmas Roses Teleflora T115-2 - T115-2
 12,18 or 24 roses  
Christmas Roses Teleflora T115-2
From $89.97 Online Disc. $76.47 US
Photo of Red Christmas Poinsettia - B9-3602M
 Basket may vary 
Red Christmas Poinsettia
From $49.97 Online Disc. $47.47 US
Photo of Basket of Available Mixed Plants  - TF127-2
 Blooming plants will vary 
Basket of Available Mixed Plants
From $59.97 Online Disc. $56.97 US
Photo of Christmas Perfect Flowers Vased - 500198
 3 Sizes  
Christmas Perfect Flowers Vased
From $69.97 Online Disc. $59.47 US
Photo of Mixed Plants with Pink - C32-2961
 Plants will vary  
Mixed Plants with Pink
From $74.97 Online Disc. $63.72 US
Photo of Classic Holiday Wreath - T129-1
 Standard, Deluxe, Premium  
Classic Holiday Wreath
From $74.97 Online Disc. $63.72 US
Photo of The FTD Red Poinsettia Basket  - B13-3601
 Wonderful holiday gift 
The FTD Red Poinsettia Basket
From $49.97 Online Disc. $47.47 US
Photo of The FTD Holiday Classics Centerpiece by Better Homes and Gardens - B15-4924
The FTD Holiday Classics Centerpiece by Better Homes and Gardens
From $74.97 Online Disc. $63.72 US
Photo of Holiday Centerpiece Twin Taper Candle - C126
 Allow time to hand make and hand deliver 
Holiday Centerpiece Twin Taper Candle
From $79.97 Online Disc. $67.97 US
Photo of Berries and Spice Teleflora T120-1 - T120-1
 Red gerbera may not be in stock for same day delivery.  
Berries and Spice Teleflora T120-1
From $79.97 Online Disc. $67.97 US
Photo of Red Poinsettia Basket - IC2212
 Available for local delivery only. 
Red Poinsettia Basket
From $45.00 Online Disc. $42.75 US
Photo of Large Christmas Bouquet Hand-tied - 500202
 You may add a vase in checkout 
Large Christmas Bouquet Hand-tied
From $74.97 Online Disc. $63.72 US
Photo of Glitter & Gold Wreath - T130-1
 Standard, Deluxe, Premium  
Glitter & Gold Wreath
From $69.97 Online Disc. $59.47 US
Photo of Teleflora's Merry Amaryllis T116-1 - T116-1
Teleflora's Merry Amaryllis T116-1
$59.97 Online Disc. $56.97 US
Photo of Christmas Perfect Flowers in Vase with chocolates - 500209
 Includes a box of chocolates 
Christmas Perfect Flowers in Vase with chocolates
From $74.97 Online Disc. $63.72 US
Photo of Christmas Advent Wreath - D311
Christmas Advent Wreath
From $99.97 Online Disc. $84.97 US

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